Jason Mraz ‘Make It Mine’ Video

Jason Mraz 'Make It Mine' single cover

is out with the music video to his new single ‘Make It Mine’, the third release from the San Diego based singer songwriter’s third studio album ‘We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.’, out now on Atlantic Records. Watch it below.

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3 thoughts on “Jason Mraz ‘Make It Mine’ Video

  1. Anne Pham says:

    I have never been the type video clips. Gee!!! Centre of gravity… =D Damn… hahahahhahaha…!!! There are no words to describe what I’m feeling. =D HI 5!!! THANKS FRIEND FOR THE REMINDER. =p
    hmmmz… I’ll tell you a few thins about myself as Anne Pham =)
    By the time I was 7months old I was able to open the fridge and pull out my own bottle and feed myself.
    You know the movie The curious case of benjimin button? =) If it had occured some what like that and I were of old age from the beginning.. lol so as you can imagine that not being the case… I learnt other lessons quite early in life. =) No matter how old I was. where I was.. I just never seemed to fit in. =) Always talking to the elderly and many intellectuals. =) For that I am very grateful. Everyone around me would always comment on my perception on things… always saying I didn’t belong in the body I was given. became a joke later on in life. lol By the time I was 20, I was well in my 60’s as many would say. In grade 1, I was an entrepeneuer. =) I made bracelets out of thread, spent sleepless nights scheming. selling all that I could. making nothing into something. 50cent bags of soft toys transform to 10 dollars. I was a leader during my youth. I had no intentions of leading. I don’t like power. My my intentions always seem to put me in the spot light. I always wanted everyone to get along. And in all my attempts I would always be in such positions. But as I mentioned…being out of the normal mental age group… I faced many challenges… And I was alone most of the time. =) I dunno… I’ve never been afraid of being alone. I actually love it. =) That’s also where my appreciation comes in. Love of all things. all around. And knowing that everyone’s actions and reactions spur up from somewhere. =) But now? Actually seeing everything clearly??? =D simply amazing!!!
    I’ve forgiven everyone for every little thing they have done to me. Abused physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, sexually. Not to mention the severe neglegence. =) But I don’t regret nor wish for anything to have occured any different. It made me strong. =) And knowing what true strength is.In all shapes and forms. =D I’m absolutely grateful for that.
    I spent all my life trying to help everyone around me…=) I came very close to death on many occasions. =) I’ve even eatten out of a rubbish bin and I did start of with an inflatable coach you find in a swimming pool and two double bed sheets as a bed and blanket. I’m grateful to my sister for keeping me warm. =)
    For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been scared of anything but intimacy. =) I would give and give until I’d pass out. Pick myself back up and keep at it. =) Everyone always said I had so much energy. =) Little does anyone know… for all my life.. I’ve done the hardest things first in life… =) and have exceeded my physical limitations time and time again. That I am totally grateful for. =) Because, I am now free.
    I’ve always gotten everything I wanted. lol All I needed was to want it and it was mine for the taking. obviously there was endless criticism and negativity but I’m grateful. I’m absolutely sure of myself and know who I am.
    Hmmz… I can continue on and on. Remenising is grand. But! I guess the only problem I do find atm is focus. Knowing that I can do anything I want and knowing that everything is at arms reach…Hmmmz… Yeah… Start small ay? =) I love waitressing. I absolutely love it. It’s like a dance and everything is down so smoothly. It’s as challenging as I make it. And I love out doing myself. sweating tears. Spinning around with so much grace and effortlessness. All movement is like water. To the flow of my beat, my rhythm my heart. =D Guess that’s really it ay! =) I’m just going to grab a ticket and do some traveling. picking up any jobs I want and are available to me. =) You know what my worstest fear is? It’s fear of knowing.. or of the known. I never had a family live as such. I never attached myself to them until recently when I was spiritually awoken. =) I’ve always lived asthough the world it self was my home and playground. I’ve never feared it. Not day or night. Running around the streets alone anywhere. everywhere. whenever I pleased. =) I accomplished many things… I used to lock myself up in a cupboard praying to God that all the pain my dad was suffering…would be transfered to me. And he granted me that request… =) It was hard and very challenging. But all in all? I could only do and go so far. And being that I exceeded the expected life span everyone predicted of me. =) I’m grateful to God for that. =)
    Learning to love myself after spending all my life survivng… is very challenging to just come to a hault. =) But I’m very grateful that this all occured the way it did because I had to experience all of this… all the emotions of all my past lives as well as this present. lol A lot of people did and may still do call me a fool. To allow people who you know are treating me badly, lying to me to my face and decieving me over and over again and still nod and smile. =) lol that’s why it is very challenging to make life happen to me. Although I’m fully aware that although I can do it when I protect others around me…as for myself… I’m still open like a dart board, ready for the taking. =) lol silly silly me… I’ll keep at it though. slowly but surely. I will get this under wraps. =) find my focus. I forget.. I’m bound by this physical body and mortality of this lifetime. lol I’m therefore very grateful that I’m a Sage at the age of 23 and I’m looking forwards to the future. =D

    Jason. I’m grateful I finally have something I can openly and honestly express myself to.
    oh! I’m very very grateful to my cat. He was the one who got me to choose to learn to learn the self love lesson. I had to put him down to learn that… this lesson is the one you learn from birth. the first lesson majority of everyone is able to grasp. I learnt this lesson this year. I loved him very much. I hope I see him again… =)God is kind. I surely will. =)


  2. Anne Pham says:

    oppz! I meant make life happen for me =P lol silly silly annie!!! =D

  3. Anne Pham says:

    and as you can see. my mind goes bonkers while my hands aren’t keeping up. lol and my lack of focus. =D I know you can see that very clearly. =P I’m grateful that I have someone who I can share all this with. =) There is no one I know who would can understand what on earth is in my head. =) Not the awakenings. not the enlightenment… And I can’t gibber on about history or anything… =) Lack of self expression… that chakra needs a lot of work on… =) That too is the reason why I asked you for your help. =D But I know! I can do this. =P lol I know it all already. =P just like you and me!!! =P

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