Jason Mraz: My Partner Isn’t Pregnant

Jason Mraz in Brazil

checked in on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Saturday (July 31), with more thoughts on the “Double Rainbow” guy on YouTube, and clarifying an impression that his significant other is pregnant, and they would hold off on marriage until everyone has the right to marry. The San Diego singer songwriter tells readers:

This is so good it deserves a double post – All the way across the sky. Perhaps the comments I attached to it took away from the man’s journey, his wonder, his unbridled emotion. The first time I watched it, I got to laughing so hard that I missed the man’s question, “What does it mean?”

We all get to pondering the coincidences in our lives. I woke up today at 11:11. What does that mean? Just as I was thinking about my friend, she called. What does that mean? In my opinion – It’s the universe’s way of wanting you to win. It’s all of life’s way of reminding you that are a great creator in this game and that your participation is necessary. Living in synchronicity with your surroundings is the ultimate suggestion that your thoughts, your speech, your beliefs, your actions, and your attitudes are what is creating THE life experience. So what does it mean to see a double rainbow all the way across the sky? Only you know the answer to that because you chose to paint it there. The sky is yours.

As for my comments from yesterday’s post, I was simply digging on and into creation. My partner and I are not expecting a child. As for marriage? The activist in me would prefer to protest my own marriage until ALL PEOPLE are granted the freedom to marry. It doesn’t mean I honor and cherish my friend any less. We would just like to see our kind of love flourish in the hearts and homes of everyone else.

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5 thoughts on “Jason Mraz: My Partner Isn’t Pregnant

  1. Anne Pham says:

    My dream…was of a dome hovering in mid air wrapped in green liquid. salmon swim up stream in in the wall. birds and butterflies fly around the dome. inside the dome is a pyramid and here is where the cats linger and roam. the butterflies, salmon and birds never see the truth…only fragments “like the analogy of stained glass windows and bees seeing through different colored glass from “god’s debris” by Scott Adams.. hmmmm…. the zodiac chronologically drawn towards the threshold of the temple where a cat stands awaiting..but in this image..the cat saw when looking back… was carnage.. carcassing…as all the animals destroyed themselves along the way.
    this guy SENT ME UP THE WALL! I MEAN…OMG!!! WHAT A FOOL!!! RE-INTERPRET YOUR DREAM PROPERLY BEFORE WASTING 20YEARS OF YOUR LIFE ON BULLSH**!!! lol love is the message. love is it! and it is everywhere and in each and every person. hmmmmm this only divides…much more and it’s the opposite of what this guy wants everyone to do!!! lol I mean…wdf!? a total dickhead!!!
    its his gen that couldn’t even deal with their own kids!!!!! me!! I am an example!!!! my lesson was acceptance of the level. theirs. acceptance of the masses. And what!?? forcing stuff that is unnecessary? we already have enough awareness as it is! and they can’t even comprehend that! we haven’t even gotten to globalization, multiculturalism. addressing racism and homosexuality! Geez!!!! logic logic logic!!! level 2’s are in question. hence the color red! also!!! red was the predominant color that was worn before world war 2!!!! argh!!! and it’s all the old gen with the red! all of it!
    freaken freaken….. argh!!!! SUCH STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!
    … =( neo’s are the most judgmental of the level and they are the most fickle of us all!!!! lmao! argh!!! it was them clinging onto level 4’s that lead to this!!! their own disbelief because this spark of awakenings and enlightenments at late! I mean…they were all unhealthy…most…still are truly N.Q.R… sucking the lives outta level 4’s as they went backwards into the past and weren’t able to live in the now. i.e my old man! busted under foil wraps saying satellites are out to get him..stoned as f**k! hmmmm not to mention my friend Jarrad’s experiences… he has yet to move forwards and accept…. lol I mean…damn… he is not gonna be…for a long while… the teacher a level 4 I mentioned at school who I innately knew the link. Hmm…level 4’s are great…but when it comes to level 5’s unhealthy level 5’s…with either 2’s and 4’s??? and 2’s and 4’s are all about the past tense.which is why socially you would find yourself amongst the rat race with the mad hatter and bunnies. and learning and what not. you crowd yourself amongst level 1’s…though stirring from religious ones as extremists are prone to hanging around with them.
    I honestly can just pour all this crap out and wreck everyone. the stupid sh**!!! argh!!! yes… my 7 7…yes “to be understood by a stupid world…” twice returned!

  2. rhonda says:

    I really like Jason Mraz’s music. Most of his love songs seem to be about unrequited love for a female friend. I’m glad that Jason Mraz has a partner/girlfriend! However I am in favor of marriage being ONLY defined as 1 man & 1 woman & that having children is a good thing. So I hope Jason Mraz marries his partner/girlfriend & they have little Mrazes if they choose.

  3. Anne Pham says:

    omg… lmao….*sighs with a smile*…
    *stares into bitter sweet nothingness…and sighs again while pressing her lips together*

    Tripping on the same vibe,
    dancing upon the same wave,
    these games we play
    are the games we play,
    pressed to my head, my eyes can see beyond recognition
    beyond these words you’re fishing
    words you love twisting
    crisscrossing, wish washing, my eyes overlap
    as the rip takes everything I see before me
    all I see before me.

    Again and again your persistence, of that of my own defeats us,
    leaves me seeking, leaves you guessing.
    found again, we play.

    It’s because you don’t see do clearly,
    worried that I haven’t seen you already
    and yet we run around all crazy
    can you see me baby!? Yes! I do see you baby!

    So if I don’t see you,
    then you don’t see me
    And what I do see,
    and what you too see!

    Now, where will you run to?
    As I have no where to turn to..
    without tripping and falling flat right beside you?

    So you left me guessing,
    Yes, that’s now second time wasting…
    Again! You left it wide open
    Just too open.
    And the mushing…yes you astound me..
    Your words…indented. As they are too, apart of me.
    insanity?…now… it is all that I can see!

    more then twice you have mentioned our harmony
    more then twice, I’ve mentioned the irony
    Of such a predicament that we too see…

    So many possibilities now down to probability…
    still probability can be annihilated into nothing.
    Time is the game we’re truly playing.
    As love is the ultimate gain we are raising…

    If there was anything I’d want in the world,
    i’d paint the world just with my finger tips.
    I’d dance around and twirl in spirals
    with all the colors of the rainbow.
    if there was anything I’d want in the world,
    I’d touch each and every person,
    I hope with a memorable smile,
    of a truth that we all can share.
    If there was anything I’d want in the world,
    I’d hold each person’s hands close and firmly within mine
    and be able to look into their eyes
    just so that they knew that everything “will” be alright.
    If there was anything I’d want in the world,
    it would be to show the world what it’s all about,
    that the only way is your way
    and that the sky is truly that of your own limit!
    And if there was anything I’d want in the world,
    It would be to do it all for the world.
    And so I thank you for allowing me to grant my own wish.
    As love is all that fuels me.

    I hope you find the answer baby.
    I hope you find it within you.
    I hope you find the courage
    to, show, know and grow.

    I hope you will let you
    I hope you will heal nice and easily.
    I hope you will let love find you.
    To, show know and grow.

    i hope you are well protected.
    I hope you are safe and warm.
    I hope you are surrounded by love of all kinds.
    To always allow you to show, know and grow.

    Co-incidence doesn’t exist
    as much as nothing is nothing.
    as much as something is something
    Or is it nothing is something?
    And something is really nothing?

    By chance is this encounter,
    within these possibilities,
    face turns onto probability,
    with an opportunity, do we meet.

    Inevitability, strikes flattery
    As fate walks in hands in synchronicity
    And you take those words out of me..
    “what a beautiful mess”.

  4. Anne Pham says:

    I am surround by reflections of him.
    I am surrounded by him.
    I am completely surrounded.
    no matter where I go…
    No matter what I do…
    i must remain true.

    And I do question my sanity,
    this normality
    this profanity…
    But what can I say!?
    i am amazed.
    I am utterly amazed.

    I think he adores me and I do believe he loves me.
    In between these broken words… I have already drowned.

    wrapped up in a ball of love,
    all rolled up tightly.
    spinning around and around and
    around the sun, so nicely.
    and within insanity, did I find normality.
    yet now within this normality,
    I believe I may still be insane.

    If normality shifts through time,
    why then can we dance upon a shifting rug?
    And if I think therefore I am,
    as I am, therefore I think I am…
    As it is, the way it is…and always has…
    the very same through closed eyes…

    Is it reality, an illusion or a delusion of my fantasies?
    how can the truth, be the truth and nothing but the truth?
    I wonder if I am insane. Sanity… and let’s press on with normality…
    Like dancing upon a shifting carpet..
    when men dressed in dresses on stage. Women were defined as prostitutes if they were to do the same.
    Or when Africans were categorized as sub species and were not defined as human beings?… Normality shifts with time…

    Can a self actualized soul be insane?
    Hmmm… ok…let’s split the two.
    After all of this.. I mean…ok! from the first moment until you spoke about Technology…and then I stopped and then you had a go at me with a whole thing about how to have a proper conversation with someone, cross referencing and all. Ok! Hmm…the dream about Atlantis etc… why do I know this? …You already know from the start that we are the same… Hmmm that the truth is what draws me. As I have drawn myself. As everything within my possession and memory allowed. This is different from many of our kind in the level. yes… hypocritically I went on and on. =P Sometimes I jump from subject matter to subject matter that I forget that not everyone’s on the same page… That…I’ve known all my life…even after self actualization… The dream… is that of my own… I mean… The prophecy that the elders came up with over 20years ago… Is me… I’m a child from Atlantis. RIDICULOUS AY! me! of all people. =) hmmmm…The more I learned about myself…the more accurate everything was…Which is why I am in the position I am in. Which is why everything is the way it is. And I’m not wishy washing it. I can get the big picture. =) Hmmm…which is also why heard the world’s cries…hmmm…which is why I also mentioned that only at these moments in history am I able to do this. Which is why it is so precious. Random… a lil wise guy living life like a hobo. =) Being as resourceful and innovative as possible. =) Moralistic? Hmmmm… =) I know why… =) The challenges were all necessary…so that we are concrete on our convictions. Permeating them for the task at hand. =) And it’s simple really. The game is: “all I gotsta be is ME!” LOL which is actually the whole karma of everything.
    Yeah… I’m the type of girl who loves the world so much I can cry my eyes out until I pass out and lose my voice for a week. =) everyone… hmmmm likes having a go at me =P lol saying it’s like I’m committing suicide. =) But honestly! lol what can I do? =) Love is all around me. The universe loves and protects me. Birds and other animals guide and assure me. =) It’s amazing really. =) No one can find me! =D hmmm..
    i get all meta. even if I haven’t yet been exposed to it. For some reason it’s like drinking water to me.
    hmmm… sobriety. =) We are different from the neo romantics etc who took up the Dali affect. =) Hmmm… stained glass… That’s something I am not fond of… words through stained glass… Honestly Jason…it really got to me when I found out that there are people within our level who are re-installing a good and evil… upon enlightenment or awakening…all there is, is perception..as there is no such thing as weakness. only strength. =) My eyes are still sore…

    YOU! Hmmm…honestly … like every other time. *nudges Mraz* I SEE MAN!!! lol the solar powered roads…ok….back tracking…yes… I’m sorry. I did it again..yup! bit of a nutter I am… Hmmm….being smart isn’t a charm..not when the lesson is “To be understood by a world of idiocracy. Yeah.. I’m quick and sharp… Hmm…yes…I’m even critical of myself and my attitude sometimes too.. sometimes it looks like I’m totally disinterested… when I’m not. more amused and intrigued. =) Like receiving a compliment. To have that moment when you can look totally dumb struck, staring and pointing a finger at each other with an absolute knowingness.
    Joesph Stacey… He’s got quick wits about him too. =) PHEeww! LOL Yeah…I’m not much in the whole standing around like Greek philos around a market place reiterating the same thing in using different variables and tools… prodding on with proving games of who is more cleverer… BLAH!!! Even the universe can snicker… ok laugh until she pissed her pants right in front of them and just walk merrily along…
    =) Ok! this is a moment for Self love ay!? I know I haven’t much filled you in on my self progress and boy do I wanna. =D
    it’s like when I got full marks for leading a team successfully through a 2month project. =) I mean… omg…contingency plans….the whole… lmao…yup! I honestly…I wanted to tell someone about it. And there was no one.
    Hmmm… I don’t require holistic healing stuff as it’s all logic. walking alone. not many people as I’ve mentioned know how to walk properly. =) That alone is fun to teach people in my encounters. =) yeah. I’m a walking and breathing fact guide of logic and rationality. =) very very handy I must say! =) lol simply telling people that “your legs are what carries you to destination to destination. not your eyes” lol =) and they look at me and I mimic them..with their head poking out before their body. lol and they laugh. dumb founded by the awesome awareness…they glisten to much to my surprise… in awe…and you can imagine a bubble forming in my head… (a reminder of the pace that is of today…and also the set pace that is of my dear friend with me).
    Why did I bring up Joe. it’s an uncanny thing but he’s the one who gets me buzzing with ideas…co incidentally…all revolve you!
    so… I’m unable to write my book as in the after actualization part…where you come in…where all this is at? hmmm…. and the fact that no matter what I do I mean no matter what I do!!!!!!! I honestly have no idea homz…
    I can decipher the world. any resource anything.
    i can read faces. bodies. colors. shapes. symbols. the world.
    i get animals. nature etc.
    i get meta. chakras. alignments. lol using 3d subs and meta into one. healthy body, healthy mind. each time I learn something new about myself. I go off for a walk or something.
    oh! did I mention? I’m trying to do a backwards hands stand. All I have ATM is, I can from a standing position, lower my body and get my arms over my head and back and down onto the ground, formulating an arch. yeah. I hopelessly try kicking my legs to the air.. with much of my audience laughing, entertained and amused before I collapse laughing on the ground as I let go and submit to gravity. =)
    =) Gregory Page.. yeah. =) You should of seen the stupid look I had on my face when I found out one of my networks on Facebook works for NASA. Robotics etc. =D …yeah…downside. everything’s confidential..that fact I already knew even before the stupid smile. But meh… =P
    Why… =) I wondered honestly how on earth am “I” going to be able to do this.. I mean..the set task assigned to me is a doozy…But funny… the people you meet. =) And… =) it’s a definite knowing of how the world works which is the most trippiest thing ever. lol I honestly dunno the terminology as yet. =) lol but it’s mad!!!! =) even the term “unicorn” lol made it up for some titles and labeling in my self discoveries. funny though… everything I formulate… is verified =) sometimes..it’s like I’m re iterating text books etc…=) lol reminds me of high school actually. I came up with a maths formula because I didn’t know any other way else to come up with the solution. and…lol it tripped me out when it was identical. =P yeah… made me feel very very silly. =)
    Hmmm…so I can’t write my book. I can’t do the picture story… I can’t continue with any one of my projects because???? as serious as I am. as passionate and charismatic. patriotic going on about truth love and being.. all I end up getting is…people wanting to pull my cheeks tripping on “cute”…I’m my worst critic and best friend…and I know… even if I have the brain that can figure out how to rob a bank… conclusively…with the 9 like you…and double whammy 11….. I’m utterly screwed. lol! great ingenious…oh boy! the universe is clear…everything is calculated so precisely. =) I KNOW WHY IT IS THE WAY IT IS. lol if I wasn’t built on love. none of this would of occurred. lol and that’s why only I get these random challenges…
    car broke down twice. cops booked me twice. lol license suspended for a month? =P school, home, and town…distances… I am a F**KING GENIUS… lol No crazy nut would ever do this. could ever pull anything that I’m doing this year. 2years of hobo life then.. Hmmmm =) patience. one step at a time.


  5. Anne Pham says:

    No.. I didn’t make up anything. As the truth is the truth. As you have been drawn to me. =P *winks*
    And!? Although I can read between the lines…
    You and your girl friend…
    let’s narrow it down ay.
    you like to mention things like “remembering how it was when you were in your 20’s. the time you said 23 and 32 were reflections.
    The whole “why on earth would you even bring up how it feels to be in the back seat of a car” I mean right…
    solar powered rds. cross referencing on recycling and invention development…back back long way back then…
    …the whole charity work thing…stuff…when I mentioned rituals..festival…
    co-incidence… listening to music while grocery shopping… stuff upon stuff… just… I honestly wonder why I haven’t pulled a nerve yet. Then I was like…maybe it’s just everyone you know! with the whole Chappell family..laminating my sanity…and the earth angels I’ve meet. Joesph Stacey and Julian Murphy. oh hey! their both in the UK. Julian’s in London too! =) two very very sharp people. lol murph is a verifying anomaly. lol he pours out so much evidence that the relevance of it all depletes it self. =) very very cute. like everyone of us ay…we all have our cute side….argh! the insanity! he’s a 55 so you will enjoy his company on a social level for sure. =) hell! you got nothing else to do right? nudge nudge scope him out ay. =) he’s someone or other. =) his missus is *wooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwza* lol
    Joseph is surrounded my bunnies. d lucky bugger.
    me? I think I’ve mentioned. I created a fuzzy netbook holder last semester to caress my face against ere and there. =P
    oh! funniest #$%#! lol I’m an all rounder. yeah . I don’t go out so often at all but when I do, I’m a star. =) anyway. everyone’s always said I should be a professional dancer. lol funny that’s why I sometimes get freebies from promoters and club organizers because I can raise a crowd and bust a move. =)
    lol this time, they asked me to compete in a pole dancing competition. lmao!!!! bitch ass nigga… =) I mean. clubbing to me. lol sok and her Asian clubs. it’s like gay clubbing. I mean being true? lol even with “you in the mix…omg… I honestly may have lost the plot….because everything that we’ve mentioned. spoke about…all of it?….errr…just totally insane or freaking amazing. awesome. wow!!!
    hmm… so…hmmm… I can end up being the one person who can destroy you…the one person I love in the world.
    hmmm…such immaturity…foolishness… yet I must say. human. very human…
    so! back to people having a go at me. I’ve had people crying…balling their eyes over the @$#$ I get into. The @$#@ I go through…and my response/reaction… hmmm…
    another example of 6degree separation. Tony Conley and Julian Murphy. 44’s and 55’s. =) two class mates I trip out with. Maya and Ronak. 44’s and 55’s =) lol I also came up with a sequence that works. mapping out harmony and synergy. karmatic clauses and openings. =) I did wonder to my surprise if there was a 8,8,9,11(2) around. lol then I laughed. as there wouldn’t be any karma as it would stand apart from normality, of which everything is imperfect. =) so no…
    and No… I’m the type of girl who never gets bored. Sean Gislingham, =) very proud of myself for getting him to fulfill his dream of being a personal fitness trainer. =) he works for crown. =) hmmm… =) Cool cool dude. I used to lie on his back between the arches of my own and engross him on my adventures. back in them days. =) Boy…do I miss real company. I mean… I’ve always spoken to myself anyway. but I’m drawing to a point where the internet is just another form of isolation… =) don’t even talk about isolation… I honestly wish that someone would say “would you like to be alone…together?” hmmm… =)
    So… in between the lines. we have been having this conversation all along.
    two? that insanity finding normality… to then find insanity within that normality… Hmmmm… is it possible? lol life is but a dream. how many crazy things have occured in the world!? My mum married someone from an encounter via the internet. they have many issues etc. but all in all? she took over 50 years to know what love is. =) Hmmm…. or my sister’s friend, ok not such a great example because I think they ended up breaking up…but ok…
    how’s about this. two self actualized souls. One leaves bread crumbs for the other to find him.
    The total movie twist of all time! the same woah! scenario. A person who is totally against fanaticism. against any of that kind of stuff! to even consider following anyone else then herself! gosh…the thought alone creeps her out.
    to conclusively be drawn into such a state that upon the 3d, all she looks like is that of her own image of what she detests… omg…honestly..if this is even getting through to you…as Rhonda up there….as kinda figured out a bit of somefn somefn…
    Cali…the City of Angels…
    so…. because I’m ingrained with universal love anyway! whatever right? lol Yeah… I don’t have that much confidence. I honestly wish I was like my friend Sok, who could go up to any girl eye balling her man and just have her way with her. lmao. gosh… why? because I dunno… conservative I supposed. lol yeah..the 7 rules of level 5’s is free for all total f**k fest…Hmmmm I had a day dream for some reason about a scenario.. of a room filled with all self actualized people. a celebration. upon the lights going out, everyone takes advantage of dark and immerse into each other..a total free for all. Hmmm…and what did I do instead? lol handy with my solar powered keyring light.. obviously because everything is predictable to me.. I switch it on and make my way out. funny. all of this is on a huge boat. lol funny. like the one I threw at you as an idea. and I went and changed clothes to someone way more comfortable and warm, grabbed a few bottles and rolled a few joints, with a fishing stick a side me and just….being…enjoying the breeze, the stars, the dark sky. =) funny..to my surprise a few friends catch me leaving from the black out and eventually join me. all we end up doing is have a good time, joking and laughing.
    I honestly wanna just lie around with someone and just be. I mean, be able to freely cuddle, lie on their back between the arch of my own back and jibber. not jibber. whatever. That sense of comfort, security, companionship, just understanding…. I dunno… I’m wise. I’m not technical. I dunno much about anything about what’s in the world. =) But I know it all! lol as a tool is but a tool in the end. =)
    hmmm… I didn’t know who you were. I didn’t know anything about anything. I can’t even begin.. and yet it’s been over a year. and only through such a short period of time…it’s like I’ve known you all my life. lol And let’s not go there as I have indeed known you all my life…
    Jarrad would take my sunnies from atop of my head while I’m over excitedly going on and on non stop, to wipe them clean for me (as he knows when I’m on to something, the first thing I forget is my primary needs…and self love) before replacing them back on my head.
    hmmm…so… unconditional love. Hmmm… honestly… Gosh… =) love is love! =) so matter what, whatever makes you happy ay. I mean hey! it was reduced to two earth angels crypting woman and poetry chick along with chick who doesn’t know what solar panels are… and then we have the UK chick who is in the same location that you are in. reassurance? I did think about that. omg…. just the thought alone is crazy…
    I…me…not in a million years. alone in this lifetime… Even if.. I… maybe I have such a crazy imagination that maybe just maybe…i have indeed lost the plot? though I function remarkably. I mean. phenomenally…
    so ok… you’re in love now. =) for someone I know, gets me in a nutshell. past. and present. as everyone I know is a reflection of him… what do I do? how do I come about this? as everything is everything…yet condensed into a screen of animated thought…this whole limitation…honestly is not a limitation. yet you…and me second guessing….the only answer is yes…
    so… lets kill two birds with one stone. =) I mean three.
    equal marriage rights for all globally
    Jason Mraz the most beautiful person on earth in the now, living and breathing to be able to be happy and be with the love of his life. =)
    and finally, upon your own happiness, will I find my own answer to my puzzle. =) hmmmm… that alone is the most logical thing I can end with.
    *nods her head* “it wouldn’t be love. like any lesson in life. you can’t force anyone. can’t do anything really. love is pretty helpless and hopeless ay… which is also due to the new way of thinking… from 12 to 10. hmmm… from 9 to 7. order and structure… hmmm… but I also thought to myself. if my twin can find this kind of happiness in the world. surely… I can too. =) it’s only logic.
    so. Whatever ay! to me, you are everything. and so for everything, I want him to have it all!
    I’m the kind of girl who upon witnessing her friend turn right from a corner of a building…face the challenge of having to go through a bunch of bullies to get there. =) being a wise guy.. and parading around the school instead with glee and immense confidence. instead of being reduced to rubble in a dark corner somewhere.. to confront the bullies without acknowledgment of their actions and intent towards me…ask them if they had seen my new made friend…to be told that they saw him going in the same direction in which I had come from….I MEAN THESE GIRLS WEREN’T QUICK… and also the fact that I too also witnessed with my own eyes that he had turned the corner before me… to smile and thank them for their advice as they crowded around all excitedly waiting for me to do the darnest thing because they thought I was that stupid. lol then again! I smiled and thanked each and everyone of them..the same girls who got all the guys in the soccer team to knock me around on the field…the endless turmoil of them days lol such silliness….to run twice to even 3 times the amount of time reduced to get to the very same destination. … maturity of a 11year old.. yeah…the self love thing…I hope that my guy just gets me. lol he will karmatically be someone who will constantly remind me of self love. lol though I know that I dunno…when someone loves you.. what you end up achieving is just that ay. =) as you love the person of which the one you love loves. lol corniest thing. but meh! I admit. hard to the core, soft to the peel. Hmmmm…. I still…staring at the drooling faces surrounding me at current…honestly…morals and ethics. values and beliefs. I am the word after all. =D
    good night to me. good day to you.

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