Jason Mraz: My Turd Still Isn’t Ready For Consumption

checked in with fans on his blog at Blogspot on Thursday (November 4), discussing the process of creating his new album and how taking a lot of time to create an album isn’t always a good idea, using an analogy Beavis or Butthead might enjoy while doing so. The singer songwriter tells readers:

You can only polish a turd for so long before it starts to fall apart. So it goes with album making. ‘Thriller’ was made in just 8 weeks while Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, though rehearsed and performed live before it was ever recorded, was made in just 2 sessions. I am not currently working on ‘Chinese Democracy’, but I have been sculpting this turd for almost a year now and it’s doesn’t even remotely resemble a Snickers Bar. My point: It’s still not ready for consumption.

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to stop calling it a turd. After all, I’m hoping you’ll like it in the end. To be honest, throughout this whole process I never once referred to my work as sh**e or anything that resembles fecal matter. It just came to me to turn that phrase when I sat down to write this drivel. I think I’m just hungry for chocolate. This veganism and living on falafels while in studio is really making me lofty. I apologize if I poo-poo’ed the magic.

Check out the entire message here.

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