Jason Mraz Not Picky About Where He Sleeps

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Sunday (April 11), discussing his life on the road and what he did upon arrival at his hotel, apparently in London. The San Diego singer songwriter tells readers:

In my career, traveling has been frequent. Hotels are my many mini-homes and they are a luxury. No matter what brand or state they’re in. All it takes is a one night lease on a room and a do not disturb sign and voila! I’ve got my own spa, writing cabin, observatory, sanctuary, or bat cave for batty casual encounters.

While some tours would suggest I’m a hotel aficionado (like in Taiwan where I was given the entire top floor,) I’m not picky about where I sleep. I’m grateful to make a bed anywhere. Not knowing the hotel or where it’s located in the city before I get there adds to the unfolding and keeps my senses aligned with those of the kid who 11 years ago sailed across the silted States to the California shores in pursuit of a dream. I never knew what to expect, nor did I ever anticipate earning a living. If anything, I knew I’d stockpile a library of journals, jaunty songs and Polaroids and that I would be proud of having lived the life of a poet, road warrior, and medicine man.

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