Jason Mraz Participates In Hands Across The Sand

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Thursday (June 24), talking about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and his participation in Saturday’s Hands Across the Sand event, which saw people demonstrating against offshore oil drilling more than 750 beaches across America. The San Diego singer songwriter tells readers:

I don’t live THAT close to the beach. I have to drive at least 20 minutes to get to my local break and that’s IF I catch all the green lights. Recently I’ve been holding a heavy stomach about that simple drive – guzzling gas up and down my coast in search of waves. The onshore wind and overcast skies make the water crumbly and near-impossible to surf, though – I’m grateful the water is clean.

All along the beaches of our Gulf Coast, surfers, fisherman and summer vacationing families and businesses are beginning to see the Oil devastation up close. For those who love a simple walk on the beach now walk in disbelief and have to watch closely to avoid walking in hazardous tar. Swimming is out of the question – and with oil still flowing offshore, it could be years before these coasts are suitable to support life and recreation.

Watch a WOOD TV8 report about the Hands Across the Sand protest via YouTube below.

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7 thoughts on “Jason Mraz Participates In Hands Across The Sand

  1. Anne Pham says:

    Hey man,
    How have you been my friend? yeah… my feet haven’t been planted for much of this time… and it has taken a toll on this bond we share… I do apologize regardless… But that being said, =) it’s only another lesson ay.
    Hmmm… but it brings me to this point… that I am trully sorry. I am sorry for not believing you. Sorry for trying to press your buttons. trying to get you out of your comfort zone…
    I remember the time we spoke about How much karma we have gone through. =) The fact that it has only been a year since we meet, it is only half way..
    When I first meet you, I didn’t know anything. I was just a lil girl who got really really ruffed up by her family and the world… Hmmm… even the use of words I used… innately bestowed upon me…as everything and everyone is drawn to the truth.
    Hmmm… You knew what I was before I knew. You knew what my numbers constituted. You knew down to words… of my own expression…

  2. Anne Pham says:

    And? I was wrong about my karmatic number… and it just kills me… all this time!!! all this while!!! my whole existence!!!??? a love fool?? getting ripped apart and smiling about it?? screwing herself time and time again… after knowing!!!! everything!!! all dead before you…and dipping your hand into the boiling oil…
    hmmm…. and you knew this didn’t you?
    hmmmm… for some reason I can tell you anything. I suppose its because we do belong in the same sub division. And that I too knew innately without any resources. Any anything…
    Tony Conley and Julian Murphy… I thought were in our group… hmmm… we both have same lifepath and soul urges. mine of 7 and yours of 8. hence the whole complimentary partnership in enterprise. I do multiple things in one go. like yourself in trying to understand things. like listening to 6 CDs simultaneously.
    hmmm…. I always thought it was a limitation.. hmmm.. to be constantly slowing myself down….This isn’t the case since you do cycles. I know you won’t die or get messed up around me. THAT’S THE REAL REASON WHY WHEN YOU SPOKE ABOUT ROMANCE, I WAVERED THAT SUGGESTION. BECAUSE? HMMM… I’ve lived like a walking weapon of mass destruction… hmmm… the isolation? lol Hmmm… what if I told you I do it for the sake of everyone? hmmm…
    when people are drawn to the light…as they approach it…they are able to see themselves much more clearer…and its only natural that they all want self assurance… knowing it all?? hmmmm…doesn’t leave much for anyone ay? but I’m just a wise guy…. I dunno anything about gadgets or anything. I’m actually very very primitive. Lucky really~ because if I was exposed to all of it hmmmm if I was raised in anything decent… I wouldn’t of evolved accordingly. And I gave myself these variables before time…
    Hmmm… why I brought up Tony and Julian. coincidentally, instead of finding my soul brothers? I found my friends soul brothers instead… yes… the universe… me… I gave myself options….if the task was too much for me… he is of three. charmed ones. I once spoke about him. he is the one who is doing the “how to rock” and starting with Japan. He wants to travel the world on the passion and love of MUSIC. SAME AS YOU…. scary?…. his mother is also coincidentally an earth angel!!! like what are the chances ay!? am being 7/7? and seeing it all in a flesh??? I mean having a piece of paper of scribbles while you were day dreaming to actually mean something!!!
    Hmmm… I only learn when I need. its a puzzle thing. Applicable of the task before me. like data in mid air and I choose what I want in the mix and I know exactly what and who I require also.
    hmmm… when I brought him up, you went on and on about traveling the world… =) only natural. =P Hmmm… and he was also the person I saw just before I hit God consciousness. He was the one who kindly helped me out the door, finding my helmet and all before push biking it down from nicolsn st. through into the city and down to dandenong north at 4am in a t-shirt and thin denim. =) and he didn’t question or just tell me to shut the F**k up, tell me I was crazy and to plant myself back on the coach. he just said “birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim” and that was that.
    I was aware of his feelings towards me. being 7/7 and seeing what I had created for myself as a gift… Hmmm.. I gave myself a household of charmed ones… I was able to choose. As love is there. His lifepath is 11 (2) urge-8 expression-8 and karmatic-9. he is also a qualified opera singer! that I only found out in recent years.
    but when I was standing there with truth before me!? knowing that it was a given? I chose not to take it. I told Jarrad that ultimately it would be a relationship based on loyalty. an understanding friendship.

  3. Anne Pham says:


  4. Anne Pham says:

    ok… many things have occurred. I’ll outline everything. so I’ll try to keep you on your toes as much as possible. I assure you… Hmmm… hmmmm…
    After loosing my voice and on the mend I spent 6 hours over my neighbors. I meet Karren and her kids on a Tuesday. I’m on tank water and I was out of edible? lol well drinking water. Anyhow, there wasn’t going to be anything in the bank until the following day and I was already about 3 days without… so. I went around to my neighbors to my right and left up the hill, absent or non responsive. oh! a very very strange old dude… gosh! you should of seen the sight of him! lol =) A total experience I kid you not! ok. So I stumbled across a very run down bright yellow cottage like house. From the front towards the back was a path made of dirt, crossing certain sections like a mooute ( =P) lol ok.. Cough cough. I’m very particular about these grammatical oppzies and spelling …. ok! back on track! I didn’t see the front door from where I stood and the path took me through to the back. There stood a woman in her 50’s doing the laundry. damn!!!! you should of seen the lines. =) people tease her that astronauts can see her lines from space. =) ok… Hmmm…. I asked, she told me to go right on in and help myself. Her son Toa, 14 took the empty 3litre bottle from my hands and filled it up. I was immediately greeted with much delight by a 11 year old boy called Jedd. A sister Awhina (Affini) 16 came in and out smiling in modest curiosity. The house from top to bottom was what you would see in a movie. rusted tin cans. jars with ingredients on open shelves, broken down and shabby, walls and everything vintage… lol taken out of another era. that being the gold rush.. of what yr? lol as is, still. The broken window where the front door was, was covered with a picture story. the rooms were a disarray! lol The TV was on the same channel, same volume constantly. the buttons were broken or missing.

  5. Anne Pham says:

    hmm…Karren is a dope addict. Her kids… Bright and brilliant. brought up in such a fashion… yet still? what I saw? was genuine love of all kinds. Suppression of ones own, for the benefit of those around. in such a strange bizzare fashion. It is a household of shamonic beings. Karren has other kids too from other relationships…that have brought her to this stance of living in such a condition with total happiness and acceptance of both ends…though of her own? red… she is figuring out love. Such love did I see… Jedd is from another father also. oh one of the brothers strengthened his arm out once and a magpie came down and landed on it. perched and was unafraid. the both of them. Jedd!!! he innately feels me. He is in love with felines and cats. in love with animals in general! he is a trooper! I mean trooper. all three of them. Jedd ..hmmm. I love his lil boy. he is intuitive. he can decipher things. he understands both animals and human play. lol analogies and stories!!! I mean he is a genius!!! he takes care of the whole house hold as his brother and sister are battling it out in the level 3.. hmmm… the whole racism thing… hmmm… the whole place.. humble…very much in need of repair and attention…butt? its covered with so much love… something that can not be… I love her home… the walls and everything look like they’re about to collapse.. and yet? lol there are quotes on scraps of paper, placed there by the kids themselves…words of courage and self love. universal love. humble acknowledgement. pride and understanding not to flunt it. things that brought my eyes swelling… Jedd bought one of his sister a bag for 2dollars from an opportunity shop. he paraded around with it, showing it off to me. =) it was rectangular. =) Hmmm… he went on about all the other bags he saw and ones that he had hoped would still be there. lol it was adorable, seeing his face light up. proud of his purchase and in deep anticipation of his sisters response to his gesture. he understands everyone’s buttons. he understands how to prolong and postpone situations. very very cheeky. absolutely brilliant!!! he even got his pants singed from the open fire as he was trying to get warm before bed time. lol karren patting him as you can see a bit of smoke come from his behind. lol a sight… =) Stories, games, everything! photos, camera shots, very very resourceful he can name all the Pokemon! =) lol hmmm and waiting for us to come back, sitting there on his lonesome…i knew something was up. and I found out later about him burning himself with a piece of coal that feel on his foot. lol and his brother sitting on him and taking away his ds that his old man got him. hmmm.. lol strange…. hmmm… I immediately rushed over looked him deep in the eyes… asking him if he was alright and holding my gaze, making certain… hmmmmm Last year, a guy lost both parents in mere days apart from each other. His dad went wondering and was missing. he was eventually found dead in the middle of no where

  6. Anne Pham says:

    the guy went to the cop shop to gather his fathers belongings and there was a gassly storm in the area. A tree fell and his mother died conclusively. Hmmm.. I meed this guy and had a few cones with him funny enough. his name is john. Karren’s son is elie johns friend. He’s dad used to beat the sh** out of karren and the kids constantly. he had been on what not and is no longer in functioning order…elie has seen much. he has 81 first cousins! I’m like what!!!? lol his girl friends parents. her dad cheated on her mother for over a decade. her mothers an alcoholic who used to beat the sh** out of her daughter..
    I already know what I’m going to do. everything is being donated and striped away. karma =) and I know why I’m here. lol I can’t afford to take all my belongings with me. and I don’t have a place to leave them anyway. =) it was decided a very long time a ago it seems now, my plan.
    the things I learned from a duration of 6 hours. totally …just…. I was crying so much…so much… laughter tears. laughter tears. a totally amazing experience.
    oh! apparently there have been felines spotted in the mountains in the yonder for over the past 40years. they came around the time of ww2. =) Interesting!!!
    hmmmm my jaw is firmly in tact and I humbly acknowledge everything…
    Love… everything that makes you you. All of that being everything and everyone that brought you to this point and will until you die. through a circle within a cycle. circles and cycles… entity in eternity.
    i went back and scoped out my family. and my primary school friend and a few others who are not self actualized but who have acknowledged the soul connection as the same wave lengths are sequential. same sam time moment reactions. understanding through telepathy. hmmm
    ok. Fiona luc. 21.01.1986. life path. 9 soul urge. 1. expression. 9 and karmatic 2. two of the same. 9. and innately for as long as I’ve known this girl? she has always had this rivalry thing with me. its so bizarre!!! and my own brother. John Bao pham. 3.7.1987. yeah he has a Viet name. life path 8 sould urge 5. expression. 4 and karmatic-8. same lifepath and karmatic of 8. yours is lifepath and soul urge of 8. jarrad chappell’s soul urge and expression is also of 8…..
    ok… like….2 same constituting factors equals cat… of different subdivisions again…
    more importantly??? as my eyes are puffy and in need of cease… I dunno!!!!!!…..
    my brother… why!?? what has he got to do with you!?? the kid who took a blanket of my old man who wrapped himself in foil murmuring repetitively that satellites were out to get him? The one who sold everything in the household before him and paul. Paul is a triangle within a circle as is with his numbers. normal. John first handed saw his own dad try to take the computer right in front of him to sell for drugs.. and fell before him…the guy he recognized as superman. the house being taken away… the kid that asked me once “how do you be cool annie” yeah. annie is my nickname since birth as I mentioned. and I gave him the example of him tapping up and finally destroying a four pen because it was pink! and how I would of treated the situation if I was in his position at that time.. the kid that would do anything and everything on a holler. the kid that I spoiled rotten.. lol the kid that could always haggle money from me. do anything to me from the sky up and rip my heart from end to end and just stare at me and ill just laugh and say, hey, lets go get some bud =P lol
    he was always googly eyed. we get each other. though..we are all at different stages. 8 being his karmatic… 5years ago? I dreamed that John died… I woke up and cried relentlessly..it was so real… it was painful… this kid…jumps in at one word for anyone he loves. without any mention of details. just does it. lol like me. like you ay? =)….
    hmmm…. its like the inner circle, middle and than the outer circle thing here… all 8’s… and… I want to know… 8 ball. as you are the only one out of the 3 of you who is self actualized. a cat. a level 6 as you have realized that the others butterflies, salmon(fish) and birds are in the 5. and zodiac in divisions to rep are the masses…
    hmmm….. I’m crying… I’ve been crying for I dunno how long. the whole knowing and because everyone’s doing something stupid that you know they will just…suffer so much…you throw yourself in to lessen the damage. John congregated my room in north Richmond during the time I was finishing up with Japanese and was about to apply for the trip to Japan to do the nova program thing. teach English. John was doing this because of George, my sisters bf. He was bullying him and hmmm…the psychology mind head f**king games… hmmm… it sent him into tears… it was always so funny how he always said “Annie, you are the strongest person I know” hmmm… =).. anyway. I promised him that if he started something and I was present then and there? that I will smack him in the face immediately without hesitation. =) I did it. And I knew the consequences. I was fully prepared. But…John… I changed the whole situation so that all of everything consequentially directed its attention towards me and my brothers were spared of the after math. I announced that I was leaving. it was alright and I accept everything. John looked at me once everyone retreated. btw. my sister nearly literally killed me with a brick like thing passing my hair… huge dent in the wall behind me…that would of really done it nicely… anyway. John looked at me and said that he was going with me. immediately Paul followed suit. and? I was left with nothing else but to answer love… I went back for them 3 times. once John had a skin infection, the one I experienced in the beginning of the year. your skin eating from the outside in. hmm and it was all over his ribs back legs..everywhere. Paul… hmmmmmm… Paul broke my fingers with a saucepan once. 3 bones. they also stole etc… hmmmm….patching up and fixing…rebuilding…and just….laughing it over became easier and easier as there was no other way to look at it. even when I was in the 30’s kgs and told them I was suffering multiple disorders… hmmmmm
    and I love them. I understand everything. my sister will be a butterfly just like my old man.
    Jason… what am I to you? what are you to me? what is all this about? Why is it so close to my heart? and why does everything lead back to you? the 8 ball. the one person who is within my subdivision. my soul brother… I will be leaving everything doing it all as I’ve said… in such a strange way… but I know that someone will be coming within these 5 months. And I do not understand what…though. I understand the events towards 2012 and so forth. I get everything…my numbers…7 7 9 11(2) why am I granted the ability to know all..because I wont use it for anything else but love… why you are able to accumulate because you will throw it all away leading love to its mark. I understand all subject matter just by absorbing. I dunno! yes! savant! all my life I’ve known I was smart. quicker then everyone and I dumbed myself. but it wasn’t that. it was being able to be understood and finding ways. how does it feel to believe you were demonic because your whole family said so… and that because no one was there to teach you anything. that everything you came to believe and value you thought you were wrong..and it was bad… just…. my friend… Jarrad, his experience with his mother is like mine. in different streams. that’s the connection . the empathy. the understanding of that acceptance of level 5’s. my brother….why? what is the relation there? why him an 8 and you? what? everything I do. everything I think. everything…… I understand and can decipher anything and everything. I get new subject matter like drinking water. I dunno…. I can find out anything I want. down to where a person is. lol but I’m not a freak!!! lol be glad about my numbers!!! =) phew!
    I’m being very calm atm. I honestly do not know why as I am like the scream. paintings. the one with the guy with a cloak made of squares and rectangles. tangled shapes. and the woman. flowers. apart of nature. her gown and all and the lace of flowers that bind her to the earth. hmmmm… the whole nature and nurture. man and beast. woman and man. such a beautiful painting. lol the Mona Lisa’s smile. =) hmm… I mentioned this ay. even van goghs flowers, the emotions, the truth of each brush stroke. my collection is a synthetic light “dream time” series. =) it is captured out of natural lights rays. the way I was able to create… =) playing around with elements. Trippy. =)
    try this ay. in the dark, get a candle and light it up before you. say 30cms from you. and then place your palms together. like you’re in prayer. ok. now maneuver your fingers from side to side like a snake before the candle light behind you. The candle light should be the only light creating illumination. What you will see is the truth to magic tricks and the theory put into practice in a simple experiment. =) The diversion of focus of light and movement, time. all wrapped up and in mid air. =) your hands will disappear and you will only see from both sides, created blind spots, triggered by your adaption and non adaption to which one to focus on. the candle or the movement of your fingers. =D I hope it makes you laugh.
    Ok… many many projects… many many things… and yet? I’m stuck now. everyone is a possibility. or a human. everything draws back to you. all the way down to my family… my brother… I dunno…. you need to tell me what is going on!!!! because my brother… the amount of pain just doesn’t…John wanted to fight with me once. being the way I am. I am both male and female respectively in entity, displaying both attributes. being that he hadn’t hit his growth spurt yet, he was under my arm pit. lol and I could easily just hold him by the head and he wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near me. Anyway. I said no.. conclusively he sprung. the dearing lil! lol from the bed onto me. he clung on to my arm and was about to bite me, I reacted indistinctly and as a result he ended up getting a blood nose from the ordeal. I starved myself until I passed out. I didn’t tell him. My dad fed me porridge thinking I was just off center. Hes the same brother that was scared in front of the train station at springvale a total junkie zone. an old hoboo came over and said ciggi in my brother face. I was opening my deck I wasn’t paying much attention and I passed one to my brother john. He hesitated and looked at me and I shrugged and reassured him that it was alright. he didn’t do anything wrong. lol I told the hobo to go away because he was rude to my brother. I would of easily have given him a f*g if he didn’t pull that stunt on him.. lol it was a sight! I said no! and he called me Bit23# and I retorted Sl&* lol funny! my brother from that day onwards re enact the random dude. he is really good at role play! lol funny! he is the one who wore my sisters boots first! I mean my sister bought them. hadn’t had her chick time going through the wardrobe and doing the contrasting garments and what not. he was already in them! walking around! lol my sister and I always envied his legs. lol =) she’s a later to be as the old gen of neo romantics took 10years to s.a. or awaken which is our case.
    anyway….gosh… I keep thinking about him… I do not want anything to happen to him. obviously to anyone. I already know that everything will be fine and how everything will play out. yes. living it. living in the now… ok…. tears… the amount of tears…. knowing…more about life about everything… The family… the whole experience…Everything in my life going in circles yet again…. everything….so much….. I’m so tired. plato… all philosophy…anything… hmmm…. Jason… you are the only one who can answer me. I’m innately drawn to certain people. I know anyway, the divisions everything down to what it is that they are thinking and what they will do etc… just …. but you…. I meet my match. I do not know.i can out psychic junot diaz. I get everyone running around like headless chooks. what their intentions as they go about their daily routines etc. all… but you.. you are the only one who seems to spin me around until everything smears into stripes of color… I can throw down 12 1000 piece puzzles without the picture and somehow get it all done in a week.. less. I know this. and I do not need to do it. as the answer is staring me dead in the face. help the old woman cross the road and you will realize that you have also crossed it yourself. hmmmm…. genesis is myth. that book…. hmmm… the bible..you can decipher it right? and you’re agnostic like me. while the others butterflies etc draw back to a religion etc to build on. your cycles… how is your family? curiously speaking on your end… is there a 7 of any substituting areas? I have yet to go through anything else…and being located in Australia. multicultural country and everyone coming ere…meeting the cast of the pirates of the Caribbean… meeting a butterfly and him fluttering around saying “real humans don’t eat meat and mocking the Aussie shine actor when he was about to grab a meat pie while I was in front serving the guy…many people… I’ve meet. and stranger still its all the same I get it… yes…. hmmmmmmmmmmmm…
    diving in and out of all of this is just like hay wire. I dunno. I question I’m crazy and yesh! I’m not! I’m pretty normal! very bright and damn… I’m pretty cool. now what say you!?!? I get the silence of the 8… but if you haven’t realized… all the emotional experiences learning more about empathy…and the desire to do…i went through that as I went on about giving you survival tips when I didn’t know a thing!!! all I know is you called me. I responded. I never listened to your songs before. knew you existed. heard the I’m yours song once. froze and cried for no apparent reason. saw your name at different times when you were performing here. I’ve never been a groupie. never been a fanatic. I know things to a practical level. like what can I adapt and apply as of now. to the line. not much fluffy what not. I don’t read the stuff you go on about. only when I’m called. and I know that there’s something up. other then that? I honestly do not know! I got no idea about you buddy and yet I know everything about you. I know exactly how you tick and its random… your lips are locked together… why? all the others respond to me. why not you? why are YOU being this way? my brother my friend. both very very close bonds. very very close. and I want to know why I’ve been pressing on and on conversing to you. in this I dunno direct way! and yet your response is indirectly direct! yes! I love you Jason. hell! your heart is amazing. I dunno what to even…you were the one who taught me unconditional love. self love. my mum I had hoped lol although I knew the variables and how it was to play out. consolidating my emotions..the impact… and I was not good. and you came into my life and made me laugh. you made me stronger. and you can say that it was me and it is. but you were the only one in my eyes..acknowledged me… the one person who gave me courage and I do not know what to do now…as I do not know…my dreams you have made real. things that you do…the way you are… hmmmmm the amount of love…accumulation of love that’s your numbers….random ay? the karma… to have it all lol and to be. all evened out. doesn’t matter how much you earn, it all goes back. no matter what I know, I will do it all for love. love fools. the lot of us. total kamikaze’s… my brother john… it hurts… my sister is a butterfly like my old man if I haven’t mentioned…=P will take awhile. but she is aware of deja vu and her innate psychic abilities. hmmm.. my mum and my friend sok leang. both without numbers to calculate. both can play on all levels. however much to their own resolve. very very tricky. and just as is. =) meant to be. lol as I can not do so. with them .=)both who have provided me with the same kind of love and nurture. very very funny. yeah…dealing with a couple of rabbits…boy…what a trip…. hmmmmm…. trying to make light…
    i hope you have a plan B1 because I’m stuck…and being 7/7… doesn’t do much good…my variables… hmmm…i sealed up the floor boards. I could see the dirt while standing and looking down. the gov letter about the insulation..what a crack up…things are deceptively so. lol don’t you know that already? Close your eyes and feel. Then open them and act. this is the message I want to install. I’m making pinatas for children in childcare centers. the irony. kids will be beating the crap out of bee’s “be love” bees… kinda reminds you of the world and how they blindly beat the hell out of love ay?… close your eyes and feel.. open them, and act. no then… that requires more unnecessary thought. and.. the now. what are we going to do about this homz? both our expressions the same. 9. and me being 11(2) karmatically, I know, but I don’t lead. you do. 1. I don’t care how all this all plays out ayt! like it will anyway. and its the knowing. the whole ill close my eyes and so if I don’t see her, she doesn’t exist thing. while I’m standing there tapping the ground with my toe…
    This to me is unfair. and you being all about fairness… tell me…and don’t say. through your songs… because.. I would like you to tell me yourself. directly direct. up front and personal.
    Who on the face of the earth is able to answer me?!? who I wonder!?!? who knows the answer? …. I’m all knowing…and I know that you do. because no one but you does cycles and can get me. no one is fast enough..

  7. Anne Pham says:

    I’m going to leave the mess to the side. You do not quite understand how dramatic the affects are…and its only been just over a year. ok. lets get a few things sorted. I remembered your birthday. It’s a day that is permanently embedded in my memory no matter what occurs. I hope you had an enjoyable one..errr…you are a bit of a drinker aren’t you….? lol hmmm…the loneliness thing. both John and jarrad have the same issue. lol issues… meh! they don’t exist! =) hmmmm… it’s alright…I won’t dig out your heart… I won’t psych you out…you are touch sensitive…lol being a total control freak who loves to be the center of attention! =D
    Hmmm…. no matter what I end up doing…I’m always aiding you…it’s really the one thing that I know is detrimental. =) lol more like just going with the flow with all things…gosh….keeping calm…reacting alone… I’m not even sure how to behave anymore. I honestly have hit a dead end.
    from the beginning I told you its not about money. man. its within my numbers.. lol I throw everything anyway. love. stupid as can be even if I know that there are no gains. =) it’s just me…
    hmmmm your eyes… you tend to do the where’s wolly thing a lot trying to figure out exactly how to do things… yeah its the perfectionist part but its more or less your double digits of 8… you do everything from a to z. yeah you know that. but that’s where you also tend to get yourself down. because you are so accurate and most of the time you leave no room… for emotion… hmm…. been having issues with the light? migraines? hmmm… I used to suffer from migraines all my life. yeah…pressure like a rubber band wrapped around your finger.. hmmm percussion. =) the Japanese use it. very very very clever. ingenious… some of the things people do. =) primitives. you gotta love em. the exercise alone, fitting all associated factors.. it will balance out your chakras. =) I used to not feel at all at times…but what you realize is you loose control of your bodily functions. =) lol sometimes I’ve been in an outer body experience for too long and I’m already on my feet to move. lol gosh…the pins and needles. lol or not even being able to assert your movements properly. lol Talking to yourself laughing. “common man! work with me!” lol
    hmmmmm….honestly…go for a drive. yeah whatever! it is what we have now. it is what we’ve got. so get with it! yeah. we will adapt to new and more effective efficient ways. but for the time? human is good! =D look…. I really thought about it ayt and you know…when I had a go at you about the Africans? hmmm… its common sense ay. do not degrade or belittle what us humans are capable of. yeah. trial and error. but if you tell people that their sh** house…well…not much is going to come about it as they are left to believe that because their that retarded..they need to rely on others. that need is a manifestation in it self. there are no needs. only wants. and in due time. the world will want better…
    why the drive? you need to feel the vibrations under your soles. =) the sensuality of your senses…
    hmmmm…when I first saw that picture of your room when we spoke about feng shui… the first impression was..my brother and my friend ja. hmmmm….you guys always tend to have a dim room… hmmm…. by this time you should understand what orderly and just plain non existence looks like in a household. =) where are your sentimentals? Hmmmm.. I would honestly like to send you a few things but hey! If I were Jason Mraz and I was receiving all this from your side? gosh… Hmmmm the fact that I do get you… co-incidence? man… I dunno my freaking ass!!! argh…. suicide or the looney bin? hmmm…. you keep drawing me to play on the globe…hmmm that’s inevitable isn’t it?…hmmmm =( what can the world give the universe? I know it all… I have it all..the one thing I want is to be human…programmed to answer and do all of that which is to be…yeah…where’s the fun? love upon all levels… I should be thrilled. the most happiest person alive..and I know it! hmmm… sorry…but its all pretty f**ked up…a story about a girl being totally destroyed by the world to only love it even more so… no karma from any other part. just a crazy nut capable of forgiving each and everything…that has made her her…which in fact…holds no form of existent love…but that of her own understanding of processes…
    I’m in a town of dope fiends. that neighbor..karren and her kids…reminds me of my whole past! in such a degree…to be placed in such a position…how can one person behave so normal when her dad was a heroin addict. friends have died from over doses. I experienced it all first hand…and the after math of such behavior… hmmm and yet nothing at all seems to get a rise out of me…no anger only sadness…it was supposed to be a lesson. to make sure that I understand. understanding so well…seeing lies and truths before me. everything…all I ever wanted was to belong somewhere. somewhere where people actually valued my input. its my life…a self sacrifice..and? hmmm I had a dream that I was the richest person on earth. and once I had achieved this goal I held a conference before the whole world congregation. the crowd in curiosity of what I had plan for next. =) behind me on a projector screen is the economic stats. =) and then by one touch of a button, I mangle the whole economy. lol bill gates alone has enough for 56 poorest countries in the world. that’s pretty much the whole of Africa. so meh! re jungle the nations financial whereabouts to get everyone to 0.5 or 1. =P lol by paying off nations debts to the world banks. in the dream, I requested for something of the world. to allow me to walk upon the earth a free person. to be able to jump on and off planes and any form of transport. to be anywhere for anyone at anytime. =) lol I dunno… Hmmm..then as much as I enjoyed the dream… hmmm its not what I want… its what you want isn’t it? because I am the universe…all of this? is all dress up and hmmm….i honestly feel like the world is huge childcare center…the magpies seem to always reassert me to keep in check… black birds remind me that I’m never alone. amazing…surrounded by animals and technology…..for what I pray!!!!??? my name is Anne Pham, I was born on the 27th of January of 1986. I am typing to you, Jason Mraz. am I so clever that the whole world wont ever understand me?…. I mean… the scream? try magnifying it to I dunno I screamed until I passed out and lost my voice…after a huge episode awhile ago. I can’t even react now…just a ghost in a shell.. there is no separation…and no matter where I go.how far I run, how hard I try to hide…everything is drawn to the truth…
    my dearest friend and brother.you can take anything and everything. I know everything so I’m handy to have around. I know that you require company. let’s really play this out homz. I will share with you my insights. hmmm… robin hood. I’m like the pinder. =) I can’t lie.
    whether you die young or old, at least have fun! =) I do not want anything from my services other than that of what you will provide while I am to serve.
    =) I do not ask for more then I can return. I am a person of my word after all. and. so are you.
    why do I trust you? I’m a very rare commodity amongst the plot of this era. its because despite the fact that you are an ego driven money making dude… =) its all for love. lol just like me. the 9. and the fact that you are innately a leader. =) it is only fitting.
    i still mean it. I will drop everything. if you formally acknowledge my existence and accept it that you need me. and I need you to do this. whatever it is.
    nigga…feel me ay… your eye sight is getting to me…hmmmm….close your eyes when you are in the dark. suppress your other senses to be able to draw out your thrid eye. =) swap the hand that you brush your teeth with. =)
    ok! I definitely need breakfast.
    hmmm… if I do not get back at you..its because I’m pissed off. lol meh! that’s human.
    you got me Mraz….! I can not recover from this..yeah… as stunned as I am…. hmmm

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