Jason Mraz Performs ‘Make It Mine’ With Rufus Leaking

‘Pancake Mountain’ welcomed to the program, where he talked with Rufus Leaking about the difference between a chorus and a verse before they performed ‘Make It Mine’.

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One thought on “Jason Mraz Performs ‘Make It Mine’ With Rufus Leaking

  1. Anne Pham says:


    Hope all is settling over your end. =) Slowly but surely getting the balance back. Along with a few other upgrades. =) hahahaha… errrrr….
    Words words words… a few that have been dancing around in my mind recently…
    evolution, conservation, trial and error, the analogy of a current (personal, interpersonal relationships expanding to the global scope. Damn… the words just lingering and I plainly forgot what it’s called) Meh! You know what I’m on about AND normality/harmony.
    Hmmm… To be a good person in disguise of a normal person in turn…there exists a bad person in disguise of a normal person. lol Sounds oddly hilarious. Man! that’s one skitsy mofo I tell’s ya. lol Hmmm… But I guess that’s just it. Everything is, is, just is. lol Gosh! I reckon you get what I’m on about. lol I’m so definitely sure of it. lol errrr… How beautiful is everything? lol And it is whole as it is… after all of that! lol It’s quite intriguing how one can appreciate it entirely. =) After all! It’s all but pieces to one puzzle and it isn’t whole without all of the pieces. =)
    Hmmm… back to the fundamentals of everything once it sinks but into complexity. It’s as complicated as it is so simple. Gee… Don’t I just love kicking myself silly at times. lol errrr….Things around me are becoming less acute as I take more control as time passes. Funny… I still don’t have any credit what so ever on my phone.. and miraculously someone calls me up with bonus credits if I recharge. Funny Funny things have always been happening. Stranger still since this profound awareness of everything. BUT! I am finding my way through it.. Although most of the time… I’d close my eyes and picture myself in some far off place in solitude, nature being my companion and friend. =) lol Having a wireless connection wouldn’t be so bad what so ever! =P lol Again…Zamyatin… boy! The only thing I could think of was “omg!!! He thinks the way I do! I mean he! I OMG!!! It’s not just me!!! but!!! No one gets it! It’s not sci-fi… =(” and again…alone in my own thoughts of such detailed expression… lol plagued by idiocracy… but now? It just makes me laugh. Joy, Bliss, the like. I can laugh endlessly and no one would understand. Yet! Better still, the positivity does continue to spread regardless of the source of action. =) It’s like a personal joke amongst me, myself and I! Freaking cracks me up… But I love it. I love it!!! I love it!!!!
    brings me to flowers. lol I have around 20 or so different kinds just sitting in a cup of water. Everything is momentary. Everything is beautiful and everything is given phrase for it’s remarkableness. So no… I don’t feel guilty for doing that because well! It’s complimentary. =)
    Hmmm… harmony…. keeping things harmonious… It will indeed take time for everyone to come to the centre of all things… Hmmm…. And funny enough? I don’t believe that will ever be the case. =) Like Zamyatin… Through comparisons can you stand by your convictions. There’s always an opposite to everything that keeps it all together and balanced. Normality? abnormality… All in all? I praise all the treachery that exists because without it? Hope would never exist. =) lol errrr…. Yerah… once I get the ball rolling, I’m in a world of my own and I can bounce like a bouncey ball propelling from all surfaces and any direction… Such passion, such energy, such expression, such honesty… Hmmm… I’m still working on communication… funny hey? lol I’m in hospitality, served and worked with people from all around the world… never having a problem with conversations or topics. Always eager to help, always happy to put in an opinion. But…the discussions that are bestowed upon me… I’m yet again in silence… It’s rare when I’m able to yap my brain out. It’s left to nothing now as it is all within me. I need not read the paper, watch the news… my excitedness waves so thin when it comes to so many conversations around me…that I just appear… shy! lol And yet I know that I don’t need to prove anything to anyone disrupting my own balance and chakaras only putting stress upon my physicality… gee…. what are we to do ay???? lol I love and adore them… And people watching as always been a pretty cool hobby of mine. =) That is just kicking back anywhere and watch the world go by around me. =) Laughing to myself to all the occurrences I bear witness to. =) Balance within myself too….gee… I’m still working on it… my ocd does kick in ere and there…gee….just staring at the dish rack kills me. lol And as much as you would like everyone to be some what influenced by your own actions… somethings just… well! that’s where I do sometimes loose quite a lot of focus… Hmmm like the garden that’s covered in plastic sheets underlying rocks… I just wanna rip apart the whole place and begin it all over again…and yet!!! knowing I am not in the position to do so… boy… all I can really do is laugh. Laugh so much that I end up crying! Zamyatin describes it beautifully… People who know the truth are not allowed happiness. People who know nothing, are granted happiness… I challenged that remark and I believe we can have it all really! But then… that too falls back into idolisms and ideals…gosh! swish!!!! Let’s just lob that one over the head and just move on. lol
    AH WELLZ! work tomorrow at the NGV International again. =)

    love love.

    P.s. I’ve never mentioned this before. Everyone know knows me, calls me Annie. lol Funny thing about that. My parents anticipated a boy and never did the ultrasound. The first thing that my dad said when I entered this lifetime was, “Why did you cut my son’s dick off???!!!” lol My sister’s name is Anna.. YES… not very imaginative people. But more or less I’m grateful to all that’s happened, regardless. =) The nurse called me Annie from that moment and well! it’s been stuck on me ever since. lol Most of the people who do know me, don’t even know that Anne is my given name. Supprising ay? =) But then… As strange as it sounds, apart of me can’t wait until they all die and understand what on earth I’ve become! lol I dunno… I know… there’s no need. But hey.. being human… wanting to converse with someone…anyone…is well…would be pretty awesome. lol Same goes ay? lol =)
    Oh! Remember when I talked about our vibes that we project to the world? lol Instead of a pin in a hay stack, we’re like the light in the darkness. lol like an insect light? lol I was laughing to myself about this actually. recalling all the moments. A whole empty train carriage and the one person hops on and out of all the seats that are available, they decide to sit just right next to me. lol And no matter where I am, no matter how many people there are, I’m always stopped. directions conversations whatever! lol It’s really comical. But! I guess if I can make them feel warm and welcomed, =) why not. =) I know how they feel. But hey… being empathetical and compassionate… sometimes is another thing I do need balance with.. lol =) Before I find myself falling to pieces all over again.

    ok! I’m off!

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