Jason Mraz Reacts To Child Who Covered ‘I’m Yours’

is reacting to the young child with a ukulele covering his song ‘I’m Yours’ on YouTube, which to date has received 3.9 million views. The singer songwriter told his MySpace followers (@jasonmraz):

I am most impressed with the diminished chord this little genius plays at 1:07. Not many people care to hit this chord when covering the song. It is often overlooked. But nary is the case here.

I am also quite touched by the child’s commitment to the public performance regardless of the obvious itch near his right nostril. At such a young age, to have that kind of grasp on “the show must go on” is extraordinary. Unless of course he’s locked in a closet somewhere forced to play the song over and over again, in which case, this video becomes quite disturbing.

Yet, it is difficult to watch this video without making faces. I sorta kinda wanna inquire as to if he let a little pee out after the last expression. I think something happened that wasn’t supposed to happen. Humility, maybe.

This is a superb video. Love is fully expressed here in an XL hoodie. So are the hundreds of people who sent me the link. Thanks for sharing.and if anyone knows the kid. Give him a high five for me.

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