Jason Mraz Reminisces About Childhood Trips With Grandma

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Thursday (March 19), discussing his childhood and travels. The singer songwriter tells readers:

All morning I thought about those trips with Grandma and the wacky t-shirts I’d bring home to show my friends how well traveled and adventurous I was. This morning I had the pleasure of surfing the shores of Lisbon, Portugal. And while the wholesome a.m. sun felt revitalizing on my bus white face, and amazement my partner in the water, overjoyed at this child’s continued travels, having seen London, Paris, Rome and so many other postcard countries, my mind wandered back home to Grandma, grateful for her introducing me to the sea and an appreciation for travel. I wished I could find a tacky t-shirt to wear for the rest of the tour to show her where’d I’ve been. Maybe I’ll steal one for old times sake.

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