Jason Mraz Strays From Raw Food Diet At Tokyo’s Foodshow

Jason Mraz close up updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) last night after visiting Foodshow, Tokyo’s primo super-supermarket, where he strayed from his raw food diet. “I was there searching for individually wrapped blueberries and other mouth watering goodies when I stumbled onto Sweetie Pie, the gelato stand,” Mraz writes. “Second to unhealthy GMOs, ice cream is my kryptonite-lite. It won’t kill me, but it’ll certainly put me to bed early with gas and a small amount of defeat. When I do eat ice cream, however, I make sure I’m going for something bold and new as if I’m doing some hard-core flavor research, enough to justify my caving into the craving of the creamy dream, hence, the double scoop discovery of Black Sesame Cream & Green Soybean with Rice Cake.”

The singer songwriter added, “If there were giant creatures in the sky fishing for humans on earth, they would need only ice cream to lure me in. Any flavor will do. I’m easily influenced and already hooked by the sight. Ice Cream is my gateway food. My addiction will lead to heavier foods I’m sure of it.” The entire blog, including a photo of the Black Sesame Cream & Green Soybean with Rice Cake dessert, has since been removed.

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One thought on “Jason Mraz Strays From Raw Food Diet At Tokyo’s Foodshow

  1. Elements for Life says:

    We love raw, keeping spreading the raw message Jason.

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