Jason Mraz Talks About His Songwriting Process

Jason Mraz arms

spends time in New York City’s Central Park with friends Jon Marro and Jaymay, discussing his songwriting process and sources of inspiration. “Searching for a melody for me, is a bunch of scatting, oohing and ahhing, making sounds and syllables and random shapes. Then through that, I see what those shapes are trying to say and what words start to come out, and I try to make the whole thing really organic. I rarely sit down with a pen and paper first. I have to kind of know the avenue those words are going to be traveling down. Once I get the melody then I’m able to break away and start crafting lyrics to that melody.” Watch the clip via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Jason Mraz Talks About His Songwriting Process

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    Hmmm…. =) well!!! keep up the good job.

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