Jason Mraz Wakes Up To Vitamineral Green

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Friday (July 10), talking about his non traditional breakfast. The raw-vegan singer songwriter tells readers:

For years I thought I was just naturally tired, lazy, and/or disinterested in working. But I’ve proven that case wrong over the past 17 months playing and promoting the current album, We Sing We Dance We Steal Things (still available far and wide btw!)

The secret to a great day is how you start your day. And for the past year and a half I’ve avoided eating a heavy traditional breakfast. Instead, I merrily jump start my day with the ever-so-awesome Vitamineral Green from Healthforce Nutritionals.

One heaping scoop of this stuff in the morning provides an insane amount of goodness for the body. The powdered greens (from dehydrated plants and algae among other things) taken by itself is enough to live on. It goes straight to the blood and straight to the brain and stays with you all day. I stir mine every morning with ONE-Brand Coconut Water, but I prefer to blend it also with some Flax Oil, Freelife Goji Juice, Avocados, Maca Spice (the Peruvian Viagra) and a few dates. I even do Cayenne pepper on mornings that I want something savory. The flavor options are unlimited and there’s no way you can overdose on the stuff.

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8 thoughts on “Jason Mraz Wakes Up To Vitamineral Green

  1. Anne Pham says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Man!!! I really do believe I’m just looking at a mere reflection when I read what you’ve got to say. Welldone =) hahhahaha gosh… the unconditional love thing… spot on too!!! that’s my secret on why I did all I did. what’s there to hide if it all comes from the heart!? lol it doesn’t have a shape or form! it is what it is. =D hahahahahaha But you can’t help but reflect on the silly things silly silly people do say around you without laughing so hard you’re about to fall off your bike or what ever you’re doing. You can’t stop the insults or negativity. lol the not knowing part lol it’s pretty comical. And assumptions!!! lol homosexuality. schemes. hidden motives. You and me both! hahahaha three cheers to logic and free forms of love.


  2. Anne Pham says:

    oh! =) about the sleeping thing. That’s the reason why I mentioned you have more blue in you and I have more orange. I was completely the opposite. It was sheer will power but to the worlds eyes. It was like I was on drugs or something. Doing the impossible. lol Over exceeding my physical limitations.. overly… and All that time? =) what I would never ever change? I don’t do anything unless it’s for love. To be there for anyone at any moment. To solve any problem that needed solving. =)
    Hmmmz…here’s something that may keep you fueled. There’s always a case when someone says “Someone should do something about it” and that person stands there waiting for someone else to step up. hmmmz… “you are that someone, so do something about it” lol =) And I know… You are doing it at this very moment. =) I’m so proud of you. hahahahaha damn…=D

  3. Anne Pham says:

    =) lol I couldn’t help myself but view the responses to the vit post you put up. hmmmz… funny =) Hmmmz… here are two things that may be helpful for you because we both know, it’s more or less common sense. Just… hey! =) it’s like the saying “it’s the choices we make!”
    Please do read “Mr. perfect” from the mr. men collection. sounds funny but whenever you feel asthough you’re about to throw in the towel. Please do consider this book ok? =) it’ll make you feel happy again. that you are human. hmmmz.. and another good one is “when I’m feeling angry” from trace moroney. She has acouple of other books that may also be of some use to you. My instincts tells me you are and will be in much need of motivational support. The orange. lol Just remember ay dude, “As insane and crazy or imaginative as your ideas and projects may be, as long as you believe you are able and I already know that your intensions will keep you firm and intact. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you ok!?! =D hahahha I’m sure you already know it as much as I do. Just, the putting it all into practise. Errr… you and me both… Sometimes you can’t help but find yourself escaping from the world we love so much. =) But it’s just like a tidal wave gathering strength. =P Hmmmz… oh! These children books are simple but very powerful. I believe that truth is just like that. The core of an onion. =P I’m glad that these writers are trying to influence the youth. But hey! even most adults aren’t able to decipher these books… hahahahaha…errr… each rain drop counts ay!

    HI 5!

  4. Anne Pham says:

    oH! Another thing. If you do read a whole series of a Mr. men collection and if you collate all of Michael Jackson’s song’s and refer them yourself. You will find that without him knowing until his last second in this life, he gave his message of honest and ernest love to the world. =) it’s like your own song. You have created a song of all life’s lesson’s in one including the spiritual enlightenment ones. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you put all your songs all together, you may also catch on to the same drift. =) What other lesson’s are you missing in your collection? =) hmmm…That may help you out on the song writing also. I dunno… I believe you will catch on. But then… until you experience it… we won’t ever know. =) Life’s grand isn’t it! oh! and btw, I haven’t heard much of any other songs from you but I’ll jump on it asap. Hmmmz… it’s like a DJ mix, You can tell a lot about a person just by listening. And it’s funny but like I said. I’m very good at puzzles. I’m always thanking God for my gift. =D Even when it hurts. =) Any emotion is better than no emotion at all. =) hahahahaha


  5. Anne Pham says:

    lol I couldn’t help it. You’re going on health tricks to get you through. =) People would dub me a remedies and survival kit in one. hmmz… although bananas do have a source of B6 vit. grapes also have the same thing in them. The fact that bananas have the sustaining component of potassium does help though when you are up and about. But you see. Bvits are the key course in inlocking any nutrition in your everyday intake. So all you really need to think about is it takes 30 mins for your brain to register that your body is full. A fist full is actually enough for any person and you should be eatting something of that amount every 3 hours. consume vit B as the last thing to every meal time. Ummm…. drink tea between meals not during. It disrupts the iron intake. oh!!! and for some reason… when you’re totally emerced in something and you are on the run but you feel the dizzy spells kicking in. take down a half to a glass of milk. =) That will ease the acids building up in your body. Why do I know this? hmmmz…. Like I said. years of excessive compulsive behaviour of hero stunts. I used to travel ridiculous distances. carried tremendous weight and at the same time. go at phenomenal speed. =D If someone wanted a cup of coffee through a ring of flames.. I lived to serve. =) Now…I’m doing Blue and going with my own flow… It does get very frustrating at times…but slowly but surely… lol reducing everything to a hault was very daunting. But! It is what it is. oh! other fruit that have a lot of benefits are peaches, persimmons,mandarins, mangoes and kiwi fruit. walnuts are an awesome nut. It has protein, folate, vit e, potassium, phoshorus, calcium, magnessium and dietry fibre. Cool ey!? And as for veggies: broad beans, broccoli, capcicums (also have b6 vits), spinach and tomatoes have majority of the nutrients you want. Oh! garlic has compounds that help reduce cholesterol. Hmmmz… it’s really all common sense and I’m sure you get that all you really need to do is listen to your body very carefully and you will know what to do. lol yes yes… lol every rain drop counts. (It’s a fact that you can form a hole in a rock from single rain drops on the same spot. =) but I like the rain drop creating spheres that expand on water or a snow flake creating an avolanch metaphor meh! it all means the same. The domino’s effect!)
    Oh! remember breathing exercises when you do feel upset or are given emotional news… just lower yourself by one level (eg. if you are standing, sit. if sitting, lie down) lower your centre of gravity. lol and drink a glass of water immediately when you feel ify and another one within 5-10mins of the first one. lol You will need to go to the toilet! lol it’s a cleansing process of stress. =) And whenever you feel like your clenching your fists or feel enclosed, cut all your nails to the skin. Don’t hurt yourself ay =P brush your hair in all directions too. This will release all the tensions in your body at the ends of your body. A lot of nerves are situated at these points so yeah. It’s like the saying healthy body, healthy mind. and funny enough that’s just it! it also goes reverse aswell.. but I’m sure you’ve figured that out. It’s always a fear. And I guess it’s always just listening to yourself properly and rediscovering which one it is that triggered the illness, behaviour or feelling of unease. It then translates itself into physcial form. Exfoliating is also another thing. I mean every where. lol I’ve reaslised not many people understand the power it has on the soul. lol And remember that spot on your back that not most people can seem to reach. =P
    Hey Jason. The trippiest thing I can think of is, there being 7 continents. And Seven Sages at every given point… Sounds funny… but I dunno. check out the number 7 and 9. 9 is a mystical number. 2times 9 is 18 add 1 and 8 equals 9. it keeps going. =)

    Anyway. that’s enough from me for now.

    cheers friend.

  6. Anne Pham says:

    hmmm…after all that excitment and now this message.
    The word unconditional love really hit the spot. All my life, that is all that I’ve been giving to those around me… I was very innocent back then too… not as niave as I am now, but I dunno… I guess things just happen. And I chose not to change. =) For that I’m forever grateful. Everyone around me put a condition to love…and finding it within myself to be able to give that to them… all in all… nearly destroyed me… I thank God for always sending me help. Always at the right place and the right time. =)
    I haven’t been able to hold any food down for over a year. lol sustaining myself with anything sweet just to get into my blood stream and for some reason all the rest? Just wouldn’t take. Unless I was happy, and in the company of a friend. My body just refused. I refused…and I couldn’t understand why… I was drawn to un cooked vegetables and fruit and I had no problem when eatting them as is. but anything else? nothing.
    The last lesson I need to grasp before everything can go under way is “self love” and after 23yrs… I finally allowed myself to be attached to a family. My mother.
    Unfortunately my family was the rat race.. and I once mentioned that I saw the world as my play ground…my family as terrifying as the world or the unknown. majority of everyone’s scared of the unknown…
    I had forgiven everyone and accepted everything. But I struggled… My mother is unable to give me that unconditional love…and then that was when I slowly lost hope… I mentioned this to you before aswell…knowing what task is laid before me now. All my fears as bottled in all these people in close proximities around me. Having to morph into different colours colours and shades to compliment them and ease them through a process of growth… hmmm…. very very challenging. But I know God want’s me to get stronger.
    But I was stuck without unconditional love that I needed so badly…and then I found you! =) Up until now, I’ve been drilling my head in trying to piece up this puzzle and find out what is it that I’m missing. It was all right infront of me all along.
    Thanks Jason. =D I can’t help but laugh…. God is a very very cheeky one. Things are laid in all forms around. lol
    Knowing this… I can do this now. I wonder what will be installed for me later. hmmm! lol It will be amazing I’m sure. I wonder if we will physically meet one day? lol If there are Seven Sages at any given time… there being 7 continents and the world is getting smaller… globalisation. I know for as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be apart of it. lol Funny… I’m not stressed any longer about how I’ll be able to contribute. All I know is. I’m here to serve. =D

    Keep it up Jason. It’s your turn to shine!!! oh! I wonder if you’ve tried actual Soybeans?
    lol…hmmm I have this gut feeling that each and every lifetime… I manage to find you. Hmmm.. maybe it’s just me but it’s very uncanny. I hope I will be able to meet the rest. I love you dude. =) Keep well and safe.


  7. Anne Pham says:

    Thanks for the tip on vitmineral. =) oh! soak your pumpkin in hot water. Leave it there for a few hours. Tastes similar to watermelon ay? =P
    Even I wasn’t even able to connect a and b together. =)
    Thanks friend for your help.
    The Sage Ruan Ji wrote poems… hmmm
    “Being sleepless at midnight,
    I rise to play lute
    The moon is visible through the curtains
    And a gentle breeze sways the cords of my robe
    A lonely wild goose cries in the wilderness
    And is echoed by birds in the woods
    As it circles, it gazes
    At me, alone, imbu

  8. Anne Pham says:

    ed with sadness.
    Funny hey… I wonder if it was the same for you. Were you in termendous pain? Did you have to re live it again in momentary rushes at a time? Was it like your head was spinning? being thrown in all directions in mid air? Did you feel all human emotions spontaneously? asthough one moment your heart felt like it was about to tear apart and then the next you wittness yourself laughing out of pure joy? And when you finally felt him all around you. Were you in shock? And pure amazment? Did you think you were crazy or for some reason felt like you had been abducted when you finally saw everything as clear as crystal? staring all around you as the world moves at an incredibly slow and divided pace? Like time frames infront of you? And did you ask yourself “Am I going crazy? Or can everyone see what I see?” And as many times as you try to feed people with what’s happened to you…and as open minded as they all seemed to be at first…you realize that you’re alone once again? But I know me finding you…is a huge trip and a half. Who would imagine that out of 6 or so billion people on this earth. I found one person who gets it. Honestly! lol I’m dumb founded still… inside I’m oozing with so much excitment and wonder. What is all this all about. lol And now? I’m no longer searching for that answer. =) Because whatever it maybe. It’s leading me towards the right direction. The one thing I secretly wanted and condemned myself for even contemplating about was to be understood and not to be alone. =) All I ever did was help. Gave every bit of myself to everyone around me. And the only thing that ever kept me alive was hope. Karma. =) My one thing… I wanted more then anything in the world. Was to not be alone. Dreams do come true. I’m crying my eyes out here just thinking about all this. There are no words to describe how I feel.

    I really wanted to share this with you. Thanks for taking it all in.

    cheers friend

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