Jason Mraz’s Activism Matters

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Tuesday (March 23), discussing his activism and how his efforts have proven to matter. The singer songwriter tells readers:

This week I received a phone call from Haiti that was directly related to how I matter. Right after the earthquake tragedy, my awesomely talented friend, Mandi volunteered to take her nursing skills to Haiti. With the help of her friends and family, we pooled together the funding she would need to get there, live there and eventually come home. On the call, she shared in vivid detail the real mess this already poor country is facing. And, she shared of the spirit that continues to resonate in the lives of the people, how they burst into song despite the hardships of starvation and zero sanitation while living under a blanket held up by a few sticks. And best of all, she shared how her experience has directly contributed to individuals’ survival. On the phone she thanked me and connected the dots. Our sponsoring Mandi + Mandi gets to travel and spend long days at the clinic in Haiti = lives touched and saved.

Thank you, Mandi for all of your courageous and tireless work acts. And thank you for thinking to include us in the victory that is saving lives.

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