Jason Mraz’s Flying Life

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Tuesday (March 30), discussing how his life as a musician frequently finds him in-flight. The singer songwriter tells readers:

My job in large detail involves flying. Since tour ended in December I’ve done very little of it, but when I do I always feel at home. Next to the comforting corridors of backstage, Airport terminals are probably the halls I frequent the most. In fact, I’ve traveled so much I’ve achieved a special frequent flyer status, something well above gold, platinum or titanium. Let’s call it Awe-sum. The status awards me my own airline attendant at connecting airports. They’re there to tell me which gate I’m headed to, how much time I have and offer me a lift in the snazzy golf-cart that’s usually reserved for old people. Though I’m not one who likes to turn down a go-kart ride, in airports I spare my ego the humiliation, say thank you, and walk amongst the herd.

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