Jason Mraz’s Guilty Pleasure: Yacht Rock

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fielded more questions from his fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Wednesday (September 30), including one who asked what’s his musical guilty pleasure. The San Diego based singer songwriter responded:

I fancy the Yacht Rock. This is specific era of music that was recorded and released from the late-70’s to the mid-80’s. Artists such as Loggin’s and Messina, Christopher Cross, and the Doobie Brothers were at the literal helm and had all at some point managed to have an album cover or video featuring them on a sailboat. iTunes has a great Yacht Rock playlist to get you started on the sea of smooth. Also, there’s a hilarious series on YouTube aptly titled, Yacht Rock, which gives a dramatization of the events that took place that in turn inspired the heart rock hits. Heads up for the backhand of Hall & Oates.

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2 thoughts on “Jason Mraz’s Guilty Pleasure: Yacht Rock

  1. Anne Pham says:

    Hmm… for some reason I’m feeling nervous. I’m not doing anything in particular so I’m wondering what you are up ta at this very moment. Oh! I’m also curious to know if you felt very empowered and also very exhausted during the weekend? lol err… These moments pop up very randomly ere and there just before I discover something interesting. It’s as if I feel floaty and up lifted with vibrations all around me. Hmm… =) When you wrote about Canada, I was granted an opportunity to work at the ski resorts.. Hmm life’s life ay… I wonder if we will meet this lifetime.. wonder when that time will come? Ah wells… Salvador Dali’s exhibition was a hit. Just that one painting of a woman’s head with a number of sphere’s magnifying the features of the face in different depths was all I needed to come to the conclusion that he too was an evolutionized soul. =) I scoped it out and was justified. =) Did a solid 15 hour shift with a 15 min break after nearly hitting the 9hours. =) Can’t beat a person who enjoys. =) No matter what you know. YEAH!!!! totally killed it. =D You may have been pretty exhausted and drained out during the weekend. =) But hey! I’m getting the hang of this now. =) “just think human!” =P

  2. Anne Pham says:

    lol so as long as I wanna do something, it is possible. =D I wonder if we will meet this lifetime. I wonder how we will meet. =) Hmm…. that being said? I suddenly have goosebumps. lol

    take care. I can hear your heart. I know I possess the telepathy, I wonder if your premonitions are becoming stronger. =) Anyway! Only time will tell.

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