Jason Mraz’s Morning Ritual: Peeing Like A Racehorse

answered several more questions from fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Monday ( 7), including one asking if he had a morning ritual and a favorite thing to wake up to. The singer songwriter responded:

I don’t have a ritual per se. I tend wake up in a different place every morning. What time I went to bed the night before certainly plays a role in how I’ll get up and what I’ll do to create my day. I would prefer to wake up without an alarm clock, in the arms of my lover, followed by the devouring of a ripe melon or fresh fig, while having a foot massage, and then a scalp massage whilst falling back asleep. But that rarely happens.

Instead, I try to get up – chug 32 ounces of water, write in my notebook for at least 10 minutes without stopping, then pee for 10 minutes without stopping. After that, it depends on what’s in the day planner to determine whether or not I should pack my suitcase and split, or whether or not I should order a taxi to help me find my hotel to return to said day-planner.

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3 thoughts on “Jason Mraz’s Morning Ritual: Peeing Like A Racehorse

  1. Anne Pham says:

    Hey dude,

    Wassssssssupppp!!!?? lol
    Well! The most attractive bodily part? hmm… yeah.. that’s a tough one. It all depends on the entire package. I mean… I dunno… A complimentary feeling of both body and soul. lol Like the saying goes, if the glove fits! =) Oh! Funny one, you are. Reminded me of Yoda from Star Wars. Brilliant creativity on the response. AND!!! Easy does it you mockingbird! =) lol Just chillax ay. But none the less, awesome stuff. The Umpa Lumpa’s in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory used to scare the bejesus out of me. Oh! A friend brought this topic up and it really appealed to me. Remember the Sega System Console? And when the thing didn’t work, everyone would blow into the slot and shove it back in and it would miraculously jump start? There wasn’t a manual or anything that propelled anyone to do that. It was like an automatic reflex of pure instincts. =) Oh! Nightmares… It brings me to The game Alex the Kid and there was no way of saving the game and you were only granted a limited amount of lives and there was no “to continue” option where the game would just restart itself to the very beginning…. Geez… I remember patiently getting to the last Boss… Couldn’t beat him…Just the song along went hay wire in my psyki and I just lost it. I’d wake up covered in sweat from hallucinations of the theme song. So bizarre.! Oh! talking about bizarre. Have you checked out Documentaries called “Shocking Asia”? It’s a load of different items from different cultures infused into sequels of documentary tape recordings. The banana thing was funny? Japan celebrates the Penis, having floats and what not shaped of it. Children parade around toughing and giving praise. Hilarious!!!!
    Oh hey about the water conservation. Please do bring up brushing your teeth in the shower. litres of water disappearing while people are half dead hovering around in the shower, scrubbing their teeth when it could be easily done over a basin with a cup of water.. Yeah… Even my critical streak is coming back. But! Like I said, the upgrades come in handy. =) Knowing just how to control one’s self. And knowing that things just don’t bother me anymore is awesome. Meh! practise sure does make perfect. Well! Humanly possible. =P
    The other things that have been on my mind. Honey, hibernation and ESP in dogs and other animals. =) Oh!… I have been seeing a number of black and white spotted cats again. =) OH! Everything’s going into heat earlier then expected due to climate change/global warming etc. Just seeing the dogs going sick at it before Spring even begun.
    Anyway! I could jibber on forever.

    And oh! If you weren’t so curious about me, you would see what I’d have to type now would ya? =P hehehehe


  2. Anne Pham says:

    I just came back inside from lying on the pavement in the dark just listening to instrumentals while enjoying the warm breeze, the sky, lol my surroundings.
    Hmmm… It caused a spark! =) Animals are co-existences of our fears… Hmmm… I already had this notion that plants around us are potentials of great power. Souls patiently waiting for their own turns after witnessing the existence around them… trial and error. =) Progression… but with progression there is also a collection of mishaps on the way. Like humans created imperfect for the purpose of progression, that being said, so is the whole package on global scale. Hmmm… From the original state of plants and the ones now… they have only grown with more stored knowledge and hidden abilities, stored… wise souls knowing that conservation is required for further development. Hmmm…. I wonder when production will be in space, outside our atmosphere? =) That would really be something. It would be bringing Japans culture mixing the old and the new and fusing them both together. Green planet with huge upgrades in technology etc. Sustained existence. =)
    Although we are getting there at a slow rate. It is happening. =) I mentioned that we originally breathed in oxygen. And now we breathe in air. Slowly but sure once we do eventually become much more evolved I guess that’s when the question to whether green life is necessary will occur for the continuance of evolution. But! Sure enough. I understand that the underlying facts are. The existence of animals will slowly but surely decease… Hmmm… However… as marvelous as the world already is, as perfect in it’s structure itself forever on an incline =) I dunno… MEH!
    As for myself? the ball is really rolling now. =) whhhoooooooo hooooooooooooo! I AM AWESOME!! OF THE MOST AWESOME OF AWESOMENESS KESSS SISSSSS! LOL
    I must be the product in order to sell it. =) The scale is by all means a balance to my own views of everything. Simple, Honest, Sweet, earnest, true, daring, noble. POSITIVE!!! =D hmmmm…. the only glitch I can really think about is the birds and the bees. lol stirring people to positivity also brings you another clip side to the coin… an array of admirers… lost in their own world really lol hmmmmm…. such silly silly sweethearts. But! they’ll sure be able to teach me how to boogie on a board at the beach though! =) Still working on my reflexes lol Burn no bridges.

    Anyways dude, HI 5!

  3. Anne Pham says:


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