Jason Reeves And Colbie Caillat On The Same Page Musically

ARTISTdirect spoke with in a Q&A, where the singer songwriter talked about the chemistry he shares with his good friend Colbie Caillat. “There’s something different that goes on when we sing together,” Reeves said. “There’s something that really works about our voices when they’re paired. I think we’re on the same page with music, writing and singing. We got along really well in the first place. It seems like it’s meant to be. It was kind of an absurd, random meeting in the first place. She was the first person I met out here. I came out to record with Michael. My intention was to come out for a week and record. It was the first time that I was out here by myself. I had initially planned on going back to Iowa. After a day or so, I made the decision that I wasn’t leaving. I fell in love with the West Coast. Everything about this place is pretty amazing to me, coming from Iowa. The first thing you’ve got to do when you move somewhere is make friends. Colbie was the first one I met. I pretty much lived at her house because I didn’t have a place to stay. We hung out all the time and wrote music. Maybe there’s a great deal of luck meeting somebody so real because there are a lot of people out here that aren’t anywhere near as real as she is. I think something else had to do with it, but I didn’t do it.” Check out the entire interview here.

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One thought on “Jason Reeves And Colbie Caillat On The Same Page Musically

  1. Miley says:

    They so love each other!
    Or at least I think his songs are trying to tell Colbie something.


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