Java Joel Suspended Following Timberlake Interview reports that WKSC radio DJ Java Joel has been suspended for today’s show following his controversial interview with *NSYNC star yesterday afternoon. The station producer Rod Phillips said, “We’ve received an overwhelming response from last night’s Justin Timberlake interview. Some of the respondents were in support of how Java Joel handled the interview but a higher percentage expressed concern and in some cases even disgust. In order to make amends and apologize to those listeners who were offended, to Justin Timberlake, to his record company, Jive Records, and to Justin’s management team headed by Johnny Wright, we’ve decided to suspend Java Joel for tonight’s show. Our morning host, Drex, has requested that Java join his show tomorrow (4/25) to have a chance for listeners to address this issue and to give Java a chance to respond.”

To get Jive’s response, VP of promotion Denise George said, “It was an unfortunate situation. It was an interview that got out of hand. A night jock sought to seize the moment and use this opportunity to interview Justin and gain notoriety for himself at Justin’s expense. The unfortunate part is that we have an artist who chose to help the radio station and instead was insulted by the radio station. Java’s remarks offended and outraged many of Justin’s fans. I am pleased that PD Rod Phillips has recognized this error of poor judgment and has responded by apologizing and suspending Java from his show this evening. A very appropriate decision by WKSC.”

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