Javine Hylton ‘Surrender’ Video

Javine Hylton 'Surrender' single cover

Javine Hylton’s latest video ‘Surrender’ has been posted online. The track is featured on the UK pop artist’s debut album, also titled ‘Surrender’. Watch it at YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “Javine Hylton ‘Surrender’ Video

  1. Thalia_Lover says:

    She looks a bit like J.Lo in the I’m Glad video…When she’s crawling on the bar table!

  2. kellyismad says:

    It’s a great video…but who is Javine Hylton?!

  3. xtina_rulz says:

    Before Pop Idol there was a competition in Britain that was the same except it was looking to form a band Javine didn’t make it into the band and has since came out solo

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