Jay Leno Finds New Joke Target In ‘Swept Away’

As he did when Mariah Carey’s ‘Glitter’ bombed, Tonight Show host Jay Leno goofed on Madonna after the miserable opening of ‘Swept Away’. “How scary is this? Over the weekend, authorities found an bomb in a movie theater here in Los Angeles. Yeah, it turned out to be Madonna’s new movie ‘Swept Away’. People actually wished it was a real bomb. Oh, my god. At least a real bomb doesn’t take two hours. No, it’s not doing well. Did not do well. In fact, I went to the box office, I said ‘Swept Away.’ And she said, ‘V or DVD?’ Let me tell you how bad it is. When we went in the theater, the managers in the movie theater asked everybody to turn their cell phones on. That never happens.”

Madonna’s Rep Fumes ‘Stop Being So Mean!’

October 15, 2002 – Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg was enraged when the New York Post called asking for a comment on the dreadful opening of her new film ‘Swept Away’. “It’s a public hanging by the critics, an assassination,” Rosenberg fumed. “Give the girl a break already! Stop being so mean! I can’t believe the level of rage being directed against her. It’s a sad state that these critics are taking such joy in it.”

Madonna & Birthday Girl Lourdes Attend Versace Exibit

October 15, 2002 – Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, outfitted in Versace, were spotted arriving at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum for the Versace Exhibition on Monday (October 14). Lourdes was celebrating her sixth birthday.

‘Swept Away’ Only Makes $375,000 In Opening Weekend

October 13, 2002 – Madonna’s new film ‘Swept Away’ opened out of the top 10 with just $375,000 from a limited release in 196 theaters. Topping the box office was ‘Red Dragon’ with $17.6 million, followed by ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ with $14.1 million, and ‘Brown Sugar’ at #3 with $11.1 million.

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