Jay Leno Savages ‘From Justin To Kelly’

Jay Leno was tough on ‘American Idol’ champ and runner-up during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday. He joked, “It was really incredible if you were at theaters. There were lines all around the block at theaters all around the country. Not just for ‘The Hulk.’ A lot of those were people who saw the ‘American Idol’ movie, ‘From Justin to Kelly,’ and wanted their money back. You know, the producers thought ‘From Justin to Kelly’ might be the weekend blockbuster. Turns out, it’s gonna be in Blockbuster by next weekend. Man, it died. It came in 11th. It didn’t even make $3 million. And they say the movie has a surprise ending. Not really a surprise, it’s just that nobody’s been able to sit through the whole thing. So just don’t have any idea of how it ends. See, I tell you another thing. First of all, the title is wrong. ‘From Justin to Kelly.’ What does that mean? It sounds like some kind of bad transvestite film, doesn’t it? It was like Justin during the day, and at night, he becomes Kelly? Eew, I don’t think so.”

No Time For Romance, Claims Justin Guarini

June 23, 2003 – Us Weekly caught up with Justin Guarini to talk about his new self-titled album and filming ‘From Justin to Kelly’ with ‘Idol’ champ Kelly Clarkson. Despite rumors that the pair are dating, Guarini said he and Kelly “are like brother and sister,” claiming he didn’t have time for a romance. “I’ve been so focused on work. I’ve not really been out and about,” he explained. “Friday and Saturday nights my butt is sleeping!” ‘From Justin to Kelly’ director Robert Iscove told Us Weekly otherwise, though, claiming Justin actually dated one of the dancers on the set, adding, “He’s quite the ladies’ man.”

‘From Justin To Kelly’ A Box Office Dud

June 22, 2003 – Contributed by dragonzNpiano: This weekend, ‘The Hulk’ rampaged across North American theaters opening at #1 with $62.6 million. Meanwhile, the American Idols, and Justin Guarini’s movie ‘From Justin To Kelly’ failed to make the top ten, opening at #11 with a low $2.9 million. ‘Finding Nemo’ fell to #3 with $20.5 million and ‘Bruce Almighty’ dropped to #4 with $10 million.

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