Jay Leno Targets J.Lo, Britney & Madonna In Monologue

Jay Leno targetted a trio of pop stars in his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday. Jay cracked, ” And here’s a great story — here’s one of those medical marvel things ofhe 21st century. In an operation that lasted more than 24 hours, a team of doctors at UCLA Medical Center were successfully able to separate Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Did you see that? Finally got them apart.”

Next he joked, “ is reportedly going to take two years off from work. Yeah. They say she has millions of dollars, but most of it is in her IRA, which she legally can’t touch because she’s not a girl, not yet a woman. They’re very touchy about those things. Not a girl, not yet a woman.”

Finally, Jay joked, “And the New York Post said today is thinking about writing a children’s book. Oh, there’s something you want. You want your daughter reading that, huh? What the hell is that book going to be like? ‘And then the elves tied up the witch and spanked her.'”

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2 thoughts on “Jay Leno Targets J.Lo, Britney & Madonna In Monologue

  1. phantom says:

    i bet the surgeons had a real fun time prying Ben’s lips loose from j. lo’s ass — and they had to work getting his 2 dimensional head from up her ass, he was buried up there brown nosing
    Britney can take a lifetime off work if she wants to — sink into the far abyss

    the sick thing Madonna’s book will sell — there are those out there who’ll pay for anything she touches, sneezes, barfs on

  2. mellowyellow says:

    Sometimes Jay Leno can be really funny. Then there’s times when he does monologues like this and it’s just pathetic. I really wanted to laugh at the Britney joke but it’s just so not funny. Oh well, maybe next time Jay.

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