JC Chasez And BT Talk About Collaborations

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JC Chasez worked on BT’s album, ‘Emotional Technology’. The star sang on the track ‘Force of Gravity’ and also sang the chorus for ‘Somnambulist’. BT also worked on JC’s album, ‘Schizophrenic’. JC and BT were on the phone with from KIIS FM. Eva from the JoshuaChasezSupport yahoo group wrote about the interview. Read on to see what she had to say.

“You can download this song from Kazzaa, it absolutely ROCKS! :)

JC called into JoJo’s show tonight
From LJ

was already on the phone with BT, and then very close to the
beginning of that interview, JoJo added JC (who was also calling in) in to
the conversation.

These notes were typed while listening to the interview, so they’re
kind of jumbled

BT’s new album drop date = 8/5

called Emotional (something?)

the track w/JC is called Force of Gravity

more info:

JC also worked with BT on his first single (Somnambulist) [the
technical name for sleepwalking], but only sang on Force Of Gravity JC sings
the high stuff on the chorus of the first single! BT spent 2 weeks
editing Somnambulist. JC told BT that the song sounded great, but that he was
crazy for spending so long on it.

BT also worked with JC on JC’s upcoming album

BT: “JC’s got one of the best voices, I’ve been blessed to work with
him, his voice is amazing, better than peter gabriel, [here, BT started
rattling off lots of other good, respected singers and I lost him] it’s
an honor to work with him, to see how good he is at his craft…”

JC: “we need to up the ante, we need to put something intelligent on
the radio”

BT: “all the high stuff on the chorus is JC, I can’t sing that high”

Jc’s take on the track (Somnambulist) “feel’s great – uplifting kind of
deal” also said something about when you get to the chorus, your mind
wants to run away with it

JoJo’s been talking to Johnny Wright on the set of fame about JC –
Johnny’s been saying some good things.”

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