JC Chasez At The Fillmore

I saw on Sunday (May 16). The short version: he’s a hell of a performer.

The longer version: The show is crisp and smartly directed with higher production than you’d expect (especially for the $20.00 ticket price), dancers that actually add to the evening instead of distracting, and little something for everyone on the playlist.

Read on for the longer still version with comparisons to Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and his *NSYNC bandmate Justin Timberlake.

JC rules. This was a smart, fun, well put together concert that showed off both the artist and the album. He performed maybe a minute of Game Over but other than that stayed clear of any group references. There were moments that should have been cheesy, but they worked (particularly the blacklight sequences). The downside for me was the choreography. Well executed by everyone involved, but it looks like what Robson was doing three years ago. I also found the sound mix heavy on the bass, but that’s usually true at any concert I’ve been to recently, especially at the Fillmore.

Nick Carter played the Fillmore recently supporting Now or Never. One of the most interesting differences was the crowd. Nick’s was 90%+ female there to see Nick. JC’s audience was very mixed both on gender and ethnicity (more women than men, but not as lopsided as Nick and Justin’s houses) with lots of couples (boy/girl, boy/boy and girl/girl–hey, it’s San Francisco), and they came to rock.

The venue is very intimate (downright cramped, actually). JC’s show was tight from top to bottom. Nick’s show was very loose to the point of messiness. Same with their performances. JC nailed everything. Nick’s was a disappointment; he can hit the notes, there were just a lot of places he didn’t bother to do so (and if I can tell you’re flat, you’re flat).

On the other end of intimacy was the Justin Justified/Stripped tour, which I found overblown and rather leaden in pace (in fairness, I’m not a fan of beatboxing, and a large crane dangling the performer overhead didn’t improve it for me). Justin’s tour looked like it spent millions and got gyped. JC’s looked like it spent thousands and squeezed value out of every penny (putting the money into a kick-ass band and dancers was a good move). Hate to say it, but JC’s falsetto is better live, too.

All three are talented and I enjoyed something at all three shows, but of the group, JC’s performance was the best, hands down.

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