JC Chasez Comments On Britney’s Nupitals And *NSYNC’s Future

star has been interviewed yesterday by SIRIUS Hits 1 station. Asked what does he think about Britney Spears’ nupitals, he answered: “The guy [Kevin Federline] that she’s with right is a nice guy. In a way, it’s been really good for her to be with him, because before that we’ve obviously been reading tabloids how much she was partying, going crazy. He’s kinda brought her down to the level to where she can be comfortable with herself and not have to worry about going out every night. I will say, the guy has been nothing but nice to me and from what I’ve seen done a lot of good things to her.” JC was also asked about *NSYNC’s future and said: “We’re just trying new things. We decided to go off and do our own projects to experiment and things like that. Joey’s on a Broadway and Chris is almost done his own record. Justin’s doing movies obviously and Lance is actually shooting a film. Everybody’s busy on their projects and everybody’s really happy right now. We’re gonna finish whatever were working on now and then explore a idea.” JC talked also about his music career and future plans.

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6 thoughts on “JC Chasez Comments On Britney’s Nupitals And *NSYNC’s Future

  1. Justincaseyestwo says:

    Don’t underestimate. These guys are great together but they REALLY, REALLY CAN SING’, ‘individually. All their great voices together made them fantastic. They are truly good by themselves. Listen to them alone. They are so good that it is quite possible that the four of them could make N’Sync work without Justin. Now wouldn’t THAT just be a kick in the a.s.s. I think one of the things they should explore is the four of them singing without Justin.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    Not only can Chris not sing, but why can’t they just say that they’re done? In 3 to 4 years no one is going to give a damn about them, and they won’t be able to do a reunion album, never mind a reunion tour. Can you imagine a bunch of 30 year olds singing BYE BYE BYE!!! LMAO!

  3. Jaggie says:

    JC seems like a sweet guy. Sweet and smart. Trying to say the nicest things about people, and ONLY the nicest things. He knows Britney’s crazy, he’s not stupid. He’s just too kind to badmouth her.

  4. emersongirl says:

    JC knows Britney’s whole family are whack jobs he’s just being nice and not saying.. As for NSYNC they ain’t gonna get back together Chris is getting old he ain’t gonna want to do the the “boyband” thing soon.

  5. Justincaseyestwo says:

    Steven Tyler still sings. Bono still sings. Mick Jagger still sings.’, ‘Take the boyband label off (all of the above were all BOY BANDS at one time) and let them be WHAT THEY ARE. Four guys with beautiful, fantastic voices that sing very well together just like “AEROSMITH”, “U-2”, “THE ROLLING STONES”, and many other bands that started out as BOYS. They all work as FOUR GUYS (I think that’s the number) so why can’t N’SYNC work also. They can all write and sing and they even have some inspiration in the betrayal by Justin. Who says you have to actually play an instrument on stage to make it work. USHER and many others do it . So they are four instead of one. The only thing that matters is what is coming into our ears. If it’s beautiful and we love it then who cares how it got there. Open up your minds and your ears and give them a chance. You may just be very, very surprised.

  6. shannon says:

    i think yuo’re a really talented songwriter,and I truly believe that songwriting is my calling, but no one that I talk to understands, because no one in my life believes that music is a saviour like I do. no one in my life believes me or understands me, but they do think I’m talented with words. if you respond I would be forever grateful. let’s put the rumors to rest. if you hav emore questions or anything, you can e-mail me back

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