JC Chasez Defends Britney Spears’ Lip-Synching

JC Chasez defended his tourmate Britney Spears after reports came out critical of her lip-synching the UK tour kickoff in London.

The *NSYNC star told the Daily Star, “People point the finger and say she’s miming, but she’s still entertaining the crap out of you. People go to a Stevie Wonder show to listen and really dig what he’s doing vibe-wise. When you go to Britney show you’ll see a spectacle.”

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10 thoughts on “JC Chasez Defends Britney Spears’ Lip-Synching

  1. Brinn says:

    Oh, I agree. They just aired her Showtime special here in Oz and the bits I saw were purely laughable. We had a great laugh. Very entertaining.

  2. hellahooked says:

    I watched it too but only like, 1 hr 15mins.. I had to work :@ but anyways’, ‘I loved it! It’s so entertaining and awesome. She looked beautiful and what pisses me off is that, they dubbed over Shadow. It looks like she was lip synching but on the video, I downloaded, she was singing live. Anyways, awesome concert.

  3. Brinn says:

    I only saw bits and pieces……….>’, ‘I’m glad you liked it but no…….it just confirmed all my beliefs I had about her before lol. I’d say they dubbed over Shadow because if it sounded as bad as Everytime, it would save her some face, right?

  4. hellahooked says:

    No. They shouldn’t have dubbed over Shadow. Shadow was great except she sounded weird at the start and they also cut of Breathe On Me performance. Damn.. Anyways, I know everyone will be talking about this when I go back to school.

  5. Brinn says:

    Sorry but I do have a hard time believing she sang a song well live – and I’m not even trying to bash her lol. In Everytime she surprised me by sounding almost decent on the higher notes, but in the lower notes she shakes like crazy. That’s not a professional singer. It sounds like somebody’s smacking her in the throat.

  6. hellahooked says:

    She did sound good, lol. Well, to me. She sounded a bit man-ish and shaky but I can’t blame her. Did you see her fricken dress and how high she was. Daaamn, those dancers were awesome. She sounded good on Everytime but sometimes she sounded like she had a blocked nose or whatever. I love ‘NA-ooooooooooooooooooooooootice me, and take my hand, so why are weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, strangers when…’ haha

  7. weebongo says:

    At least Britney is still touring unlike Christina who lost her voice from all that shouting and yelling she thinks is singing. When you have no idea how to use your voice that’s what happens you lose it. Now Christina won’t be able to sing for six weeks. lol. All the boozing plus the other bad stuff she does probably added to it also. Stupid little girl.

  8. PlasticPopstarsMustDie says:

    A real credible source. Not.’, ‘Let’s see, she’s known the guy since the Mickey Mouse Club, he’s touring with her, and they ask him for his “honest” opinion. LOL. Might as well have asked her brother. She’s a spectacle, all right.

    Yes, a spectacle on the level of a train wreck.’, ‘Children love big shiny sparkly things and they don’t care if they’re fake, i.e. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, tooth fairy. Nice to know you’re so easily entertained! Must make your life a lot less complicated.

  9. BurningRanger says:

    Regardless of what any of the Britney bashers say…she’s still drawing the crowds, filling the arenas, selling the records, making and breaking the records, every second article on popdirt is about her, she’s RAKING IN THE MONEY and laughing all the way to the bank. She’s hardly on her way down. It must really cut you guys up. Keep on bashing :) It don’t matter anyway. Still gonna be lots of us mindless drones attracted to the big sparkly dumb concerts.

  10. PlasticPopstarsMustDie says:

    You’re right. Never underestimate how many people with bad taste are out there.’, ‘There’s a big market for crappy products marketed in sparkly ways. I don’t mind if she stays around, as she’s a lot of fun to mock. She does something really stupid almost once a week, it’s very entertaining to see someone sabotage their own career so willingly.

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