JC Chasez Defends His Style

‘The Noah and Katrina Show’ caught up with JC Chasez at the ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ taping, where Noah talked about the former *NSYNC star being a “fashion icon.”

Asked if he’s every worn an outfit in his career that he regretted, JC said, “No, but I would say I learned from.”

When Noah pulled out a photo of a certain outfit, JC defended the snakeskin pants. “Don’t hate. You wanna know why,” JC said. “Lenny Kravitz sat in front of me at the awards show and asked me where I got my jacket because he wanted one.”

The episode ends with Katrina starring “Mini Miley” in the world premiere of her Miley Cyrus miming music video to ‘Bottom of the Ocean’.

The clip at YouTube has since been removed.

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