JC Chasez Does The LA Thing

star JC Chasez checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Saturday (April 8). “So I’m getting heat from everyone about writing blogs and such,” he writes. “I was waiting for something exciting to happen but I guess I’ll tell you about my day. It’s been pretty boring so I apologize now for the time you’ll waste reading this blog! I woke up early, did the L.A. thing and met a friend for coffee and a muffin. We sat and chatted then proceeded to buy a kite. This was followed by a mellow hike then a trip to the studio to hear a mix. Decided we were hungry and went to dinner without showering. Yeah I did it – I’m a rebel. Then came home and checked my Myspace. I suck at this blog stuff. I’ll get better with time. JC”

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