JC Chasez Doesn’t Like Being Known As ‘Justin’s Bandmate’

Contributed by elgato:

In the latest issue of Popworld, there’s an article about JC Chasez. It starts off, “After a break from the limelight, fella is finally ready to step out of band mate Justin’s shadow,” in reference to his supposed upcoming solo album Schizophrenic. But the reporter noticed JC get a little agitated during the interview whenever Justin Timberlake’s name was mentioned. The reporter notes, “Although JC is complimentary about Justin, and is obviously his friend, the fact that he mentions the other lads throughout the interview, and lists Justin’s achievements second, suggests he doesn’t want to be merely tagged ‘Justin’s band mate.’ ” Also, according to this article, the earliest the members of Nsync will even meet up again is spring of 2004. These excerpts came from the JJB.

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7 thoughts on “JC Chasez Doesn’t Like Being Known As ‘Justin’s Bandmate’

  1. elgato says:

    Nsync is forever done. yay, no more lip-synching.

  2. Stallion says:

    I can’t wait for JC album to come out. It is going to be also it is not going to flop like that AWFUL NOW OR NEVER album. JC is the man. I feel bad for him JC just want to make music and everybody is expecting him to do just as good as Justin or better. Let the man make the music he want to make. If it does good than it does good if it does bad than it does bad at least JC is proud of the music he has no matter what. I love that song Build my world and Come to me those songs are awesome. JC you have my respect.

  3. Kizzardkid says:

    I think JC is a much better singer than Justin, but I don’t think he’ll get as much attention as Justin is getting.

  4. B0rntoplay says:

    Hmm….Given that he doesn’t want to be known as Justin’s bandmate, I doubt he wants to be known as a Justin clone. It’s just common sense. Then again, based on what you just wrote, I’m obviously expecting too much

  5. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    Hey I’m really surprised by your interest in NSYNC,elgato. Anyways! JC didn’t go on solo when he saw that Justin went on solo too. I read the true article. he was talking with Dallas Austin and then this idea came and he started recording. he’s only competing with himself! And he don’t need Justin to complete the album! and of course it may hurt you when people call your bandmates name when you are interviewing. But JC don’t feel like competing. and NSYNC WILL BE BACK! JC AND JUSTIN STARTED WRITING SONGS!

  6. nsyncgurl11388 says:

    So exactly what in that article stated that NSYNC was over, elgato? um, how about none of it. even when other members of BSB put out a solo CD I am sure they will get sick of the comparisons to nick. and nick and Justin get aggravated of comparisons to each other I am sure.

  7. doodlez says:

    You know, I think he has a right to be a bit pissed off if people keep going back to Nsync and Justin. I don’t think it’s a matter of who is more talented, who or what is a bigger success. I think it’s more about how it’s HIS project. He doesn’t want this simply to be ‘Justin’s bandmate, Mr. Other lead singer, trying to copy’ or ‘Nsync star thinks he’s all that’. It’s his, and I think it’s ok that he wants it to be his and his only.

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