JC Chasez Gets Pushed Back & Is Forced To Change

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The webmistress of DigitalJCCHasez.net wrote on her site that JC Chasez’s single has been delayed again. The new date is either August 19th or August 25th. Chasez’s CD has also been pushed back to October 28th. JC fans know that the star has gone on and on about how he didn’t want collaborations on his album like bandmate had because he felt collaborations shouldn’t be forced. Well, from 102.7 KIIS-FM is saying that JC’s album/single release was pushed back by Jive because they want him to record a collaboration which may be released as the first single. JC is now going against what he’s always preached and is now recording that collaboration.

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8 thoughts on “JC Chasez Gets Pushed Back & Is Forced To Change

  1. jcsfan88 says:

    grr, they keep changing the dates. He didn’t necessarily say he didn’t want collaborations on his album. he wants collaborations to be spur of the moment. The collaboration could just be a rumor. If it’s true, JIVE is the one making him do it.

  2. JayneOC says:

    JC *never* said he wouldn’t do collaborations and he certainly has *not* gone on and on about it. He spoke about it *once* to MTV: “That seems to be the big thing right now, collaborations,” he said. “[But] if I end up collaborating with somebody, I want it to be spur of the moment. I refuse to have it planned out. I think that’s going to take away from the whole process.” He *clearly* said he’d only do a collaboration if it were spur of the moment and not planned. And JoJo did *not* say anything about Jive making JC do one. He merely said that JC *may* release one as his first single (and it should be huge).

  3. Stallion says:

    I’m pretty sure there is a good reason why they want JC to do that song. I’m sure the album will be worth the wait. At least we get the album out for sure next month.

  4. muzik_luver says:

    Oh my freaking god! Leave the man alone and let him do his thing! Everyone already knows he has talent and a beautiful voice…why are they being such asses?

  5. Stallion says:

    N’sync have a good working relationship with Jive record that is why they are going to be here for a long time.

  6. leodude666 says:

    I like JC…but he’s not gonna be able to make it just like Nick Carter did, There is only room for one former boyband member: Justin.

  7. Stallion says:

    Who said that Justin Timberlake is a former boyband member. The last time I checked he was still N’sync

  8. Misty83 says:

    Sorry but this is just sad…The only successful member will always be Justin. JC needs to realize that he’s an ugly troll and his album will flop.

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