JC Chasez Goes It Alone

Lorraine Ali of Newsweek spoke with JC Chasez on the release of ‘Schizophrenic’, the *NSYNC star’s solo debut. “*NSYNC is a machine. There’s a meeting about everything,” JC said, comparing the two situations. “It’s fine, but it’s an organization and there’s five members of the board. Being on your own, creatively, you’re wide open.” Except that now he’s competing, whether he admits it or not, with bandmate Justin Timberlake’s solo career. “J’s a superstar,” Chasez said. “The way his image is, his show, it’s exactly what he had mapped out in his mind. Me, I’m on a whole different kick. I don’t want to be overly structured. I want this whole experience to be freeing. I just want to breathe.”

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