JC Chasez Keeps A Low Profile At Irish Bars

star JC Chasez spoke with Paper magazine about how when he’s in New York City, which nightspots he hangs out at have a major influence on how much attention he receives. “If I’m drinking a beer at an Irish bar on the corner, nobody gives a fu** who I am,” JC said. “At parties it’s not usually a problem.” But that doesn’t mean it’s never a problem. “Sometimes people notice and it can get weird,” Chasez admitted. “It only takes one girl to set it off around a party: ‘He’s from *NSYNC! Oooh, oooh!’ At a place like this, it’s easier. People might notice who I am, but nobody makes a fuss.”

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2 thoughts on “JC Chasez Keeps A Low Profile At Irish Bars

  1. goodnight says:

    JC has the smallest feet. Every time I see him I’m amazed by his tiny feet.

  2. kellyp says:

    Well you know what they say bout small feet! lol just kidding

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