JC Chasez Offers VMA Pointers To OK Go

JC Chasez gives advice to OK Go for their MTV Video Music Awards performanceThe night before the VMAs, While attending a MTV event, Damian Kulash and Tim Nordwind from OK Go ran into former *NSYNC star in the bathroom, who provided the pair tips for their performance tonight.

Asked if everything went perfect for *NSYNC’s ‘Bye Bye Bye’ performance, he said, “That’s what everybody thinks. There’s always going to be something in a performance where you’re gonna be like arg. You know what, I don’t even remember (what went wrong). The other thing is, when you’re up there, it happens fast man. It’s like a blur.”

JC added, “When you’re out there, I know it’s nerve-wracking. You’re on the stage and you’re staring at your peers. The people you really want to focus on are your fans. They always have a group of them in the pit. The best part is MTV is kind enough to tell them cheer or die. They’ll cheer anybody. So you’re like yeah, you guys really like me. Then you get off the stage and they’re like god, I wish Snoop was here.”

Chasez added that the camera is more important than the audience. “You’ve got to remember that when you watch the show, at home, you realize the bands are playing the crowd, and there’s 10,000 people there at the show and you’re working your best to play them, but remember there’s like 20-30 million at home.”

Watch the segment below.

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