JC Chasez On Drinkin’ And Druggin’

*NSYNC star JC Chasez took part in a Q&A with Blender magazine where the asked the singer what drug he would never take again. “Anything with chemicals scares the sh** out of me,” he responded. “I’ve seen people fall apart, and I won’t have any part of that. I’ve only done mushrooms and smoked pot. And I won’t say that I’ll never do those again, because I have a long life in front of me.” As for the first time he ever got drunk, Chasez said, “It was fun. I was 13 or so, at a pool hall in my hometown, Bowie, Maryland. We’d make somebody buy us a beer, then we’d put it in a Dixie Cup. I like to have fun when I drink, let my inhibitions fall a bit, but I’ve probably been really out of my mind only twice.”

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