JC Chasez One-Ups Justin Timberlake On Debut LP

JC Chasez 'Schizophrenic' album cover

Yancey Strickler of ClubCD.com reviewed JC Chasez’s debut solo album ‘Schizophrenic’, claiming it “one-ups” bandmate Justin Timberlake’s solo debut. Strickler says, “‘Schizophrenic’ brims with bald-faced, Plastic Ono Band-sized departures from Chasez’s *NSYNC days.” She added, “Chasez one-ups ‘Justified’, and its singular focus on early ‘80s -derived dance-pop, by peppering Schizophrenic with house, southern hip-hop, punk, goth synth-pop and R&B, sometimes all at once.”

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