JC Chasez Plots Solo Album Before *NSYNC Reuniting

star JC Chasez phoned into MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to accept the Gridlock Award for having the most fans outside the TRL Studios. JC revealed to hosts Carson Daly and his plans for a solo album, and said the group is planning to be working on a new album this fall. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: We did just give away I mentioned that, that you know when they pretty much shut down traffic and JC is on phone are you there.

JC: Wha’ssup, man.

Carson: What’s happenin’ brother.

JC: What you are doin’.

Carson: Congratulations on the award and stoppin’ traffic. The real question when might *NSYNC come back to TRL and stop some traffic again.

JC: Ha-ha. I will tell you we will all be out there for the Grammys but as far as doin’ the TRL gig we are supposed to be getting back together and putting together another record in the fall from what I know, so ….

Carson: Nice.

Carson: JC how rude of me Britney is here.

Britney: Wha’ssup.

JC: What ‘up mommy.

Britney: How are you.

JC: I’m chillin’.

Britney: You are thinkin’ about coming out with your own album or what’s the deal.

JC: It will be out soon.

Britney: You need to do that, man.

JC: I’ve been, of course like everybody else does when they are workin’ on their record I’ve been kind of a hermit hiding out in studios basically and doin’ it for another month and at the ends of probably this month or half-way through next months I’ll throw a pile of songs at the record company and go, hey pick a bunch ’cause I like them all, you know and, dude kinda throw it out there.

Carson: Listen nonetheless you guys always have a home here in New York on TRL in New York. Congratulations we’ll ship out the Gridlock Award you two.

JC:  Thank you much, brother.

Carson: Good to hear from you. JC with the Gridlock Award

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