JC Chasez Really Doesn’t Know When His Album Is Coming Out

Contributed by elgato:

So JC Chasez’s solo album ‘Schizophrenic’ has been pushed back a number of times, making JC and his management look incompetent everytime they gave August, September, October, and November release dates. So JC said that he worked things out with Jive and was 100% positive that his album would drop on January 27th. That’s the date that was given to MTV and the date that JC has been uttering to his fans at all of his public appearances. Well, hold on. Now Tower Records, BMG, record stores across the country, and Jive are all saying that JC’s release date is February 10th. JC’s fans apparently became aware of this before JC ever did. When fans brought up the Feb. 10th date (along with their proof), JC was surprised; it was clear he had no idea. So now, he is on board and saying February 10th too. Gerri, someone from his management team, is now telling JC’s fans that “There is no exact date but it will be in February.” Or so she says.

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5 thoughts on “JC Chasez Really Doesn’t Know When His Album Is Coming Out

  1. Angel_Jtfan says:

    well if his management wasn’t so freakin screwed up. Who cares when it comes out.. all I know is that I’m going to get it.

  2. popnicklover says:

    LMFAO! JC’s album is NEVER coming out…it must be THAT horrible! At least Nick’s album was good enough to actually get released!

  3. zunderwood says:

    Jive is afraid that his album will not be as successful as Justin’s. JC is trying to do the R’n’B thing just like Justin. And it’s a alternative type of R’n’B, too. If he did a different type of genre like, rock or adult contemporary, his album would be out already.

  4. muzik_luver says:

    ^^ LMMFAO! Nick Carters album GOOD??? HA! That album should have never been released and I’m sure Nick wished it never was! Like the rest of us. At least JC took the time to get it the way he wants it. He doesn’t want to release a big piece of shiznit like Nick did. I too don’t care when it comes out. As long as it eventually does I will be in line to buy it. And I will be seeing JC in Boston this Saturday! Yay!

  5. jcsfan88 says:

    zunderwood, JC’s not really doing R&B. His songs are not one specific genre, hence the name “Schizophrenic”. Most of the songs I’ve heard so far are kinda like 80’s rock.

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