JC Chasez Says He’s Single But Not Looking

JC Chasez in cargo pants

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During the Challenge For The Children VII charity event, which took place on July 15-16, of told Liz Crokin from Red Eye Chicago that after a split with “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria, he’s single, but doesn’t want to get involved in another relationship at the moment. “I’m not looking for love, baby,” he said. “I need a break – you all are crazy!” Chasez spent the past weekend with his bandmates and parents. The singer was spotted dining with them at Nick and Tony’s on Saturday night.

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7 thoughts on “JC Chasez Says He’s Single But Not Looking

  1. chasezsmells says:

    this could only mean one thing….he’s hooked up with another member of the band!!!! *gasp* *suspenseful music* Only time will reveal who is secret lover really is! ^ok I’m bored. Can you tell?

  2. tazzsgirl says:


  3. Michelle13105 says:

    We may be crazy but men make us that way

  4. galleta says:

    Poor JC his CD was actually pretty good, it’s too bad that ppl didn’t give him a chance. Of all of the guys in Nsync he was truly the most talented. He didn’t need to go to the likes of Timberland and the neptunes to make a good cd. If writing ones own songs is such a big deal why didn’t JC’s cd get any respect. Justin CO-WROTE, lol which just mean someone else really wrote his songs yet he got all the credit. JC is the more talented and I hope his next cd is given a chance.

  5. imnangl says:

    AMEN TO THAT!’, ‘JC’s CD AMAZING. He got great reviews, but the publicity for the CD sucked…that coupled with Justin and Janet’s little strip tease show at the Superbowl really ruined things for JC. He’s definitely got the most talent in the group by far.

    Poor JC! He’s so freakin’ hot…Eva Longwhoreia didn’t deserve him anyway! He just needs to concentrate on his music and his new CD coming out later this year. Get the publicity going and maybe this time more people will give his sound a chance and see how talented he is. All you have to do is see this guy to see how AMAZING he is. True talent…not just getting the biggest and best producers…but real talent!

  6. champagne_dancer says:

    More like WE need a break from HIM. JC’s solo CD stunk, that’s why everyone stayed’, ‘away in droves…it’s not that he wasn’t “given a chance.” The only chance one needs is that a CD is out there. Well, his solo CD was released and only 55,000 fans stepped up to the cash register. It is not like a great CD went unnoticed. The songs were stupid, insipid, silly sex songs…”all day long I dream about sex”…I still cannot stop laughing. And having Tara Reid in a video isn’t good for ANYONE. Don’t blame me for JC’s solo failure…only JC is to blame. Come out with a decent song, and perhaps people will be interested. JC is just a footnote of the boyband era. And the boyband era is over.

  7. lula adkins says:

    I was a huge fan of nsync and JC Chasez I support each member of nsync.jc Chasez is talented and creative. He is 1billion percent Hoyt. They r inspiring talented. Love both JC Chasez and Justin’s music.

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