JC Chasez Says *NSYNC Has No Formula To Sell Albums

Marty Hughley of The Oregonian spoke with *NSYNC’s ahead of the band’s tour debut in Portland on Sunday. When asked if the guy’s decisions on what type of music is released is controlled by a formula either they come up with or someone else. JC insists, “Well, there is no formula. I mean, we never really had a formula in the first place. We just do what we do. And if we like it, we hope that everybody else does. It is funny how people think, ‘Oh, well, you have had success. You know exactly what to do.’ We don’t. . . . We will go into the studio, and next thing you know, there’ll be 10 songs on the table. And we will go, ‘Well, it looks like these are kind of the direction that we want to go.’ And then we go back and focus on those, and move forward. . . . We just kind of do what comes naturally.”

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