JC Chasez Skips Challenge For The Children Afterparty

Contributed Anonymously:

On Saturday (July 16), *NSYNC hosted a Challenge For The Children afterparty for fans and participants at Le Passage nightclub in Chicago. After pulling up to the club in a gray Chevy SUV. remained in the car as it pulled away from the nightclub, opting not to attend the event.

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3 thoughts on “JC Chasez Skips Challenge For The Children Afterparty

  1. ihatehilary says:

    him and lance probably had an afterparty of their own back at the hotel.

  2. imnangl says:

    That sucks for fans that went there to see him…but then again, it’s not like he wouldn’t be up in VIP where anyone can see him anyway. I’m sure he just went home and went to bed or just went to another club. I think he enjoys being at home rather than out in a crowd. Maybe he was tired?? Who knows. He’s still hot! Oh yes…he his hot!

  3. diamond6 says:

    JC was inside the party. I was standing outside Le Passage when he walked out with David Gallagher and got into one of the official cars and left. He was wearing a black shirt.

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