JC Chasez Slams NFL For Pro Bowl Dumping

The Associated Press reports unleashed a scathing attack Thursday on the NFL for asking him to sing the national anthem at the Pro Bowl after yanking him from the halftime show due to Janet Jackson fallout. The *NSYNC star said in a statement: “I have had a great relationship with the NFL in the past and feel that I have been mistreated. While I agree the mishap at the Super Bowl was a huge mistake, the NFL’s shallow effort to portray my music as sexually indecent brings to mind another era when innocent artists were smeared with a broad brush by insecure but powerful people. That’s not the America I love. Nor is this the NFL I love. I’ll sing the national anthem anytime, anywhere, but not for this NFL.” Brian McCarthy, a spokesman for the Pro Bowl, responded, “We’re not going to debate him. We made our decision and we’re going to move on.”

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