JC Chasez Talks About Album, Janet’s Breast Flash

*NSYNC star was on 94.9 ZHT in Salt Lake City a while back to talk about his debut solo effort ‘Schizophrenic’. He talked about the cover to his album, which at the time thought would be him in a straightjacket — a move he later had to apologize for. JC also talked about some of his most obsessed fans, how he has bodyguards check his hotel rooms before he enters, his reaction to the Super Bowl breast flash incident — and how Janet had to take the heat, not his bandmate Justin Timberlake, and the reaction after it happened — he rushed onto his computer to make sure he saw what he really saw. Since they never discussed his Pro Bowl removal, it must have been a day or two after the Super Bowl. The interview has since been removed from 949zht.com.

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