JC Chasez Talks About Being Adopted With Phoenix’s 104.7 KISS FM

was on the phone with Johnjay and Rich of 104.7 KISS FM in Phoenix on Thursday (January 24), where the former star discussed his role as a judge in MTV’s ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’.

The singer opened up for the first time about being an adopted child, and the relationship he has with his birth mother. “Um, but uh, yeah, I know who my mother is, you know, she raised me up until when I was five, so I have a very clear idea of who she was,” JC said. “And my parents were very open-minded to the fact that she was actually…wow, I haven’t, I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about this in public. Um, she knew who my parents were ’cause she was actually fostered by them at one point. Because uh, you know, she had been through a lot in her life at a young age. And um, so that’s how I ended up being adopted, is she reached out to the people that she trusted. And um, so that’s how I ended up being placed with the family that I’m with. She reached out to them directly, ’cause she had direct contact with them, and they spoke about it, I guess. And um, so that’s, you know, everybody’s selection process or how they end up with a family is different. So it really… I was really fortunate. And you know, any time that she wanted to talk or come by or anything like that, the door – it was like an open door policy. Now, every situation is different, obviously, that was just my situation. I’ve never met my father. Um, I don’t know who my father is or anything like that. I mean, it’s been offered to actually, you know, my parents said, ‘Do you want to go look for him? We’ll help you.’ Everything like that. But I just never, it’s just never been something that has kind of like pushed me, I guess, at this point in my life. I’m content knowing my mother and things like that. But you know, the people that raised me, my mother and my father, Roy and Karen, are amazing, amazing people. And, you know, they had two kids of their own, Heather and Tyler, and they are my brother and sister. I love them, you know, I would do anything for them, if I needed to I would stand in front of a bus for them. Whatever it is.”

The interview audio at akamai.com has since been removed.

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