JC Chasez’s New Team And Album

JC Chasez

Posted by Alex G on Dirtypop.net: “We will be putting the news up on Music Freedom as well as I will now be doing day to day stuff with Music Freedom and making it a lot more active than once was. We have started the next record and Jive/Sony is very excited as there is a whole new team working on his project at the label. This time round they are giving the push that was lacking last time, I guess that’s why they all got fired!”

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11 thoughts on “JC Chasez’s New Team And Album

  1. manwithaplan94 says:

    JC is awesome his last record really got slept on big time I have a copy of it and think it was one of the best pop CD’s I bought last year. I think it didn’t do too well over here because of lack of promotion and the fall out from the Super Bowl episode never the less I bumped it like crazy. Hopefully this time around they will promote him better and he will sell better over here in the States.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    You need better music, not a new team. His album was slightly better than some of the other stuff out there, but “Some Girls” and “ADIDAS” were not single material.

  3. disisme_2004 says:

    Have you heard the album though there was some DAMN good material on that album.

  4. disisme_2004 says:

    Also Some Girls and ADIDAS weren’t good singles which is why he DOES need a new team. new team, better decisions.

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    Artists have control over what singles get released as well (it may not be their decision and only their decision, but they do have some control) There was good music on that album, but nothing that blew me away, and the singles did nothing to prove me wrong.

  6. manwithaplan94 says:

    Not all the time there times when labels get the last word on a whole album’, ‘look at the Fiona Apple situation. I also think the material on Schizophrenic was awesome what happened was his record was considered raunchy and media outlets and radio were afraid to touch it.

  7. JLOVER101 says:

    His album is no more raunchy than a lot of the other stuff out there, the singles tried for airplay, but the response was not good. Also, JC Chasez can’t be compared to Fiona Apple. Fiona is slightly known, and has done very well on her artistic merit alone. JC’s celebrity has him at a point where he can basically direct the whole direction of his album, and the record label would comply simply because he came from the biggest boyband ever. He was 1/5th of the band that sold 1.3 million records in 1 day, that gives a certain advantage to be able to choose his singles, album art, title etc… Now he doesn’t have that type of freedom because his last effort was a big FLOP, proving that his celebrity couldn’t take him as far as expected.

  8. Lava33 says:

    JC’s 1st album was a lot better than people gave him credit for. What JC REALLY NEEDS is better promotion. Well, hopefully his new album will be a success.

  9. clayfan says:

    JC’s first solo CD did not flop because of lack of promotion — the record company promoted it right down our throats. It flopped because the songs sucked. It failed because the videos were poor NSYNC copies. It didn’t sell more than 55,000 copies because JC is not a great singer. The billions of NSYNC fans out there only want Justin. Also, JC’s hair was just plain awful.

  10. faust says:

    JC is an amazing artist. He just needs a good promo. I’m glad everything’s going well this time. I can’t wait to hear his new album because my 3 copies of Schizophrenic are heavily scratched ;)

  11. clayfan says:

    I confess — I AM a JC hater. What a LOSER!! Clay doesn’t have to hire’, ‘B-list “actresses” like Tara Reid to appear in his videos to get attention. Clay has the good sense NOT to make videos. He just sings, and sings well. His fans can’t get enough of him. JC can’t give his crap away. Everyone knows who the talent of NSYNC is … and it’s not JC.

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