Jean Paul Makhlouf Fuming Over Trash Talking Online Imposter

Jean Paul Makhlouf of checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Monday (July 6), talking about dealing with an imposter on AIM. Makhlouf tells readers:

Hey whats up guys!! So our merch guy Emilio hit me up saying a couple of you guys were being trashed talked by some1 pretending to be me!! That’s so fu**ed up!! That bummed me out soo hard.. I wish I could find that kid and bash his head in Jersey style grr!!!!!!!!!! haha but chances are I’ll never find the little bastard! hahah anyways just so all you guys know, it’s not me!!! My only outlets on the internet are Facebook which my name is under Jean Paul Makhlouf, MySpace which is, Twitter which is and gmail which is…. I never really go on AIM anymore cause I live in a van but my sn is jeanpaulmakhlouf so if you get hit up by any1 that isn’t under those accounts it’s a fake!!!! And curse him out for me!

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