Jenna Dewan Grills Justin Timberlake On Janet Jackson Rumors

US Weekly reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake is doing a little juggling with his current female flings. Timberlake is working with Janet Jackson on a track on his debut solo album, and the pair were spotted at the Lounge in LA being a little closer than a typical work relationship. A source said the pair “aren’t really boyfriend-girlfriend, but are having fun.” As for Justin’s other galpal and someone who has danced on tour with Janet, Jenna Dewan quizzed the *NSYNC’er on what’s the deal with Miss Jackson. “He told Jenna it was all business – a good PR move,” said an insider.

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One thought on “Jenna Dewan Grills Justin Timberlake On Janet Jackson Rumors

  1. guccimama says:

    When I get to be 35 I want to go out with a hot young singer that dances and dresses well too!

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