Jenna Dewan To Move In With Justin Timberlake

While *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake seems to have been close with actress Alyssa Milano lately, a source reports that Jenna Dewan still seems to be in the picture. The insider tells Us Weekly that Timberlake just bought a new BMW for the 21 year old dancer and that she’s going to be moving into Justin’s new home in Los Angeles, along with another friend of Timberlake’s.

‘Justified’ Album Tops Pop Pre Sales

September 21, 2002 – sales rank figures show *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake having the most anticipated upcoming pop release with a sales rank figure of #94 with his solo debut ‘Justified’. Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter sees himself in the #360 spot with his ‘Now or Never’ solo debut. Rounding out the list is Christina Aguilera, whose ‘Stripped’ is #831 on the sales rank list.

Timberlake Asked To Apologize Over Bodyguard Abuse

September 20, 2002 – WENN reports A.D. club goer Jennifer Thomas is demanding that *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake apologize to her after one of his bodyguards allegedly roughed her up. Thomas pointed out Alyssa Milano to her friends, who was with Justin. Jennifer complains, “His bodyguard behind me grabbed my arm and whipped it behind my back. I was shocked, scared and hurt.” She eventually was let go by the bodyguard, and adds, “I could sue, but an apology should do.”

Timberlake’s First Crush Was Alyssa Milano

September 20, 2002 – WENN reports that during last year’s *NSYNC’s Pop Odyssey tour, Justin Timberlake admitted to Us Weekly that his first crush was on Samantha from the hit show ‘Who’s The Boss’, played by Alyssa Milano. He gushed, “I was so into Alyssa Milano. I thought she was really hot because she could play sports.”

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6 thoughts on “Jenna Dewan To Move In With Justin Timberlake

  1. RED_ELMO says:

    Justin Timberlake doesn’t know what he wants. After breaking up with Britney hes a lost boy not man . Britney had control over him , but now hes out of control and is gonna end up with some disease.

  2. Jessyta says:

    I think he should not exactly worry about who he is with right now, obviously, since the album comes out soon. Wasn’t that the reason that him Brit broke up anyway? Cuz they didn’t have enough time to see each other? Well…Justin should stick to that because pretty soon he won’t have time for himself if he keeps on the way he’s going (If any of this is true) and then he’ll end up burning himself out… because to tell you the truth, I’m already sick of hearing about him, his love life, his album, the whole 9 yards. He needs to drop the album FAST, go on tour, whatever…then go with Brit to some island and TAKE A BREAK

  3. ckj says:

    it does seem that Justin is getting out of control. but he is a 21 year old boy now see how i did not call him a man. he really needs to get his act together before it’s to late.

  4. RED_ELMO says:

    As someone said that he is not of control , he is out of control. Look at him jumping from relationship to relationship , why do you think they broke up , because Justin had no time. I don’t think so . Britney caught him in the club with some other girl making out. So they called it off. And plus I think Justin is doing this because he is confused now , lost in his own lil world. He will grow out of it eventually , if not it will be too late and the band will regret him going solo.

  5. BabyBlue2578 says:

    Okay, these insiders (aka magazine editors) just need to shut the f*ck up. It’s getting really old. Does any of this make sense to anyone? As cheap as Justin is, why the hell would he buy Jenna, someone that he says he barely knows, a car. And a BMW? Hell nah. This just doesn’t add up. I know Justin does some strange things, but hell, it took him 2 years to move in with his last girlfriend. They could at least be logical when they make up this bull

  6. mellowyellow says:

    This story is crap. Justin is with Alyssa, I thought we established that. And I don’t think he ever dated Jenna. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe she’s going out with one of his friends or something? I mean they’ve only been spotted together of few times and it’s been in public places with a bunch of his friends around. No one really knows the truth and I’m tired of hearing about his private life. Let the man live already.

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