Jenna Jameson Refuses To Discuss Britney Spears On Stern

Howard Stern told listeners on his radio show Thursday said they tried to get Jenna Jameson to come on the air to talk about her rumored relationship with Britney Spears, but Jenna refused. Howard reread the story while masturbating and then told everyone that he thinks that because Jenna won’t come on the air that it means that she’s probably afraid of losing her relationship with Britney. Robin seems to think that it means they’re lovers or something like that. Howard said they’ll eventually get the story out of Jenna but it might not be until they’ve broken up.

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3 thoughts on “Jenna Jameson Refuses To Discuss Britney Spears On Stern

  1. Fan says:

    Sounds like it was just Jenna, being a good friend by not encouraging dumb rumors.

  2. jimmyp says:

    they could be lovers, we don’t know. She didn’t exactly put the rumors to rest. Oh well, whatever.

  3. thetruth says:

    The reason Jenna isn’t talking is because Britney is still trying to act like she is some sweet little innocent virgin.

    ie: If you were banging Britney and she told you to keep quiet would you? I would.

    Once Jenna and the dumb woman break up it will be out in the open on the Stern Show and Britney’s image and career will be over. Her fan base is teenage girls most most of them go to her concerts with their parents I don’t think any parent would take their kids to watch a broad would licked Jenna Jameson’s pink. Damn does anyone know how many people Jenna has slept with LOL congrats Brit.

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