Jennifer And Ben Spotted In Jacksonville

Contributed by lopez_lover:

Everywhere they go, the cameras are flashing. Hollywood’s hottest couple, and Ben Affleck, can afford to go anywhere in the world. On Saturday, they decided to make a stop in Jacksonville. Hollywood’s most glamorous couple was at the mall Saturday sending fans into a frenzy as they stopped in to do a little shopping. “I didn’t know if they were real or not.” said one mall customer. “She had on a white baseball cap with the ‘J.Lo’ emblem on it.” Read more.

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6 thoughts on “Jennifer And Ben Spotted In Jacksonville

  1. lopez_lover says:

    Aww Jen is always cute and nice to fans :) love ya girl

  2. SJ says:

    J.Lo is NOT great! (SHE SUCKS!) J.Lo is NOT beautiful! (SHE’S UGLY!) Her fan must have been high on drugs!

  3. mikemc says:

    Who gives a damn. With all this downtime she has lately, maybe she should hit the road for a little while and show her fans how bad of a performer she is.

  4. MariahCareyFreak says:

    Just why are you hating on J-Lo anyway? I’ll tell you why because she is ahead of Mariah Carey in popularity! Come on lets be real! Right now people would pick J-Lo over Mariah! J-Lo voice is not even a tenth of Mariah’s voice but her voice does fit the Hip Hop sound which at this time is the popular music in the USA! Hip Hop is POP right now! Have you checked the billboard look at the top 100 the top 5 is all Hip Hop! Mariah needs more rappers! If she is going to be on top again!

  5. mikemc says:

    Uh, if memory serves me right J.Lo hasn’t had a hit in MONTHS, her last hit was “All I Have” with LL Cool J, since then both her new singles flopped. I’m hating on J.Lo because she has no talent and doesn’t deserve the position she has, and even if I didn’t hate on her do you honestly think the J.Lo lovers wouldn’t make fun of Mariah?? PLEASE!!! Mariah doesn’t need a rapper for a hit, but her label should stop releasing ballads off her album because ballads aren’t what’s hot right now. Mariah has so many hot songs on her album like “You Got Me” and “The One”.

  6. looker says:

    One of Hollywood’s hottest couples my ass….more like Hollywood biggest skank and her whipped boyfriend. What an arrogant bitch to wear a baseball cap with her name on it. Yeah they were just shopping… for attention.

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