Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Marriage Doubted’s previous poll asked readers if you thought and Ben Affleck will get married this year. Only 38.7% said yes, while 61.3% said no, with 3150 total votes.

Our latest poll asks which pop star’s father you think is most prone to violence. Britney’s father Jamie spoke out about carrying a gun and allegedly pulled it on fans pulling up to his Louisiana home, while Joe Jackson has a long history of alleged abuse during the Jackson 5 days, and has spoken out about her father Fausto Aguilera abusing her mother Shelly Kearns. Most recently, Bob Carter is accused of breaking down doors in an attempt to get to his wife Jane and allegedly pushing her in a shower.

‘Gigli’ Really Lags In Popularity Poll

August 12, 2003 – Jay Leno joked about the and Ben Affleck starring dud ‘Gigli’ during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night. Jay said, “Things not looking too good for California Governor Gray Davis, in the latest popularity pole he was three points behind the movie ‘Gigli’.”

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9 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Marriage Doubted

  1. HoneyRain says:

    we just have to ask ourselves which is worse.. keeping the abuse all in the family or threatening to harm your own daughter’s fans. I can understand him wanting his privacy and to protect his home.. but Britney’s rich enough.. BUY BETTER SECURITY! in my opinion.. abuse is abuse and if all this is true.. not one of them is less innocent than the other…

  2. grprincess says:

    If I had a daughter like Christina I would have beaten the slut out of her too.

  3. Dominicano1197 says:

    Don’t even joke around like that!’, ‘I’m not a Christina mega fan or anything,but you really shouldn’t be saying things like that if its about domestic abuse just because you don’t like her.How would you feel if your dad beat you everyday and people actually make fun of you?It wouldn’t feel so good would it?I’m not trying to be mean or anything,I’m not gonna call you a bi tch or anything like that,but just be careful about that issue.

  4. Gimmeabreak says:

    how the hell did rottina’s father beat her mother…the woman is huge…she could’ve just rolled over in her sleep and crushed the poor bastard..

  5. rachel says:

    all of you are such idiots. Domestic violence is nothing to be praised. And gimmea****, Shelly was skinny when she was with Fuosto. Don’t you watch the shows on Vh1 etc i.e Driven. F**king losers!

  6. Loverboy says:

    There should have been a third choice for the J Ho and Ben Ho poll: who Cares! I bet that would have gotten like 80% of the votes… Because, really, at this point, WHO CARES?

    Never mind, I just assumed that the posting was about Ben Ho and J Ho…. did not realize that it also talks a bit about the new poll. Sorry, my bad.

  7. babet says:

    what the f**k is wrong with these asses. I’d say they’re all a-holes. every one of them. they all deserve a beating of their own. lets send them to prison to see just how wide their ass holes get. maybe then they’ll learn their lesson.

  8. jazzprofounder says:

    In my opinion I think it’s a shame that the media is even entering into the celebrity’s personal lives in such a brutal and disturbing manner. The abuse that comes from their family shouldn’t be related towards the celebrity’s publicized life. What do their parents have to do with their music and their career through the fan’s eyes? Sure, it as a big affect on their personal life and maybe on their music (take Pink for instance), but what does it do for us as the fans? The media doesn’t even care, they just want to damage the family’s reputation and get money. Why are they even making a poll about the celebrity’s abusive parents and family members? All in all, it’s a very sad and dangerous situation. Abuse is abuse and against the law. It’s a shameful and very sad situation.

  9. tena says:

    Actually, I agree the poll is tacky. I mean if it was a well done article on household violence that used celebrities to get a point across it would have been okay. But, it seems to dehumanize the whole issue.

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