Jennifer Lopez And Benny Medina Mend Fences

The New York Post reports is reconciling with former manager Benny Medina. “She’s mending the bridges burned when she went down the Ben-slide,” a source explained. “Rumor has it she’s going to Benny’s birthday party” at his house in Los Angeles next Saturday. The source also commented on J.Lo’s night out with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs in Miami. “Everybody credits Puffy with her success, even her,” the source explained. “Maybe if she’s having a career meltdown, she’s going back to the source.”

Ben And Matt Party With A Group Of Berlin Beauties

January 18, 2004 – The Sunday Mirror reports Ben Affleck tried to duck out of sight behind pal Matt Damon when he was snapped chatting up the beauties at Berlin nightclub 90 Grad, all while Ben’s fiance was back in America. One of the club girls, 19-year-old Klara Seewalkd, said: “Matt was so cute. He said he liked to cut loose after being on set and was thrilled that Ben was in town to join him. He said he liked coming to Europe because he found the girls ‘less complicated than Hollywood chicks’ and that people in general had a cool outlook. He was very nice and friendly – but Ben wasn’t so approachable. I had a quick drink with him and said, ‘Hey, so what’s the latest with J.Lo?’ He just glared and said, ‘She’s off the conversation, if you don’t mind’.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Ben Affleck & Wedding Timed For WMD Find In Iraq?

January 17, 2004 – Ben talked to Capital FM’s Seven about his new movie ‘Paycheck’ as well as girlfriend Jennifer. Suggesting the difficulty keeping their marriage plans secret, and why he hasn’t snuck away and got married, Ben responded, “I think that’s probably the way to do it, because otherwise there’s just a lot of craziness that’s unnecessary and distracting. We also thought, ‘What’s the hurry lets take our time, lets be who we are,’ and you know, maybe we’ll get married when they find weapons of mass destruction!”

J.Lo To Butt Heads With J. Fonda In ‘Monster-In-Law’

January 16, 2004 – MTV News spoke with ‘Monster-in-Law’ director Robert Luketic about his new film that will star Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda. “It’s an interesting, emotionally complex piece about two very strong women coming together and forcing the other to like her despite the fact that she doesn’t,” Luketic explained. Read more.

Official Statement From Cindi Berger

January 16, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: contacted Mariah Carey’s rep Cindi Berger about the current rumors of Mariah and Jennifer Lopez recording a duet together. The rumor has been reported from many online sources including in print in many publications. Berger says, “No truth to the duet.”

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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez And Benny Medina Mend Fences

  1. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    She wants him back since he’s working for Mariah Carey now. She was only a threat to Mariah when Benny was her manager. Now that he’s Mariah’s manager, the tables have been turned and she realizes it. Anyway, all cynicism aside, has she intentionally been keeping a low profile, or has the public lost interest in her? I’m just wondering.

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